How high is emotional intelligence?Japanese media laughed at the national football team naturalized players, Li Xiaopeng cleverly resolved!CCTV5 live

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How high is Li Xiaopeng’s eq?Naturalized players and national football team round, Li Xiaopeng warm heart move, admirable!When Alan, Luo Guofu after a long flight, arrived at the national football team resident, Li Xiaopeng said to Alan: too good, too need you, you came, my heart will have the bottom.Some time before signing, naturalized players Alan, Luo Guofu, Fernando ready to fly to Japan, and the national team round, for the country to play.However, due to a variety of reasons, Alan, Luo Guofu and Fernando stranded at the airport, Luo Guofu ridicule the collaborative ability of the FOOTBALL Association, Alan said: too tired.Fernando returned to Brazil.For a time, become a hot topic on the network.Now, naturalized players Alan, Luo Guofu and the national football team, everything is developing in the right direction.Alan said: although tired, but all good, I am very happy to come to the national team, thanks to Li’s guidance to recruit me, this national team we work together to create good results.Interestingly, in the pre-match press conference of the “Sino-Japanese War”, National football coach Li Xiaopeng was confronted with “tricky” questions from Japanese media.Japanese media: Due to management and various reasons, The Chinese professional league has suffered a cold wave, some sponsors of the Chinese Super League have withdrawn their investment, and all enterprises are in crisis. Some naturalized players of Guangzhou Evergrande have already terminated their contracts with the club and returned to Brazil. What impact will this situation have on the Chinese national team?Faced with such problems, Coach Li Xiaopeng said, “one should not only see the dark side and the bad side, so it is easy to ignore the good side of things. Naturalized players come back from far away and break through many difficulties. We can see their love for Chinese national football team, and they want to help Chinese football progress.This is li Xiaopeng and Li Tie are not the same, if Li Tie, and half an hour of talk.It is reported that Dong Lu guessed that the first national football team: large probability to take three central defensive tactics, take 3-4-3 and 5-4-1 switch, will never shrink defense!Predict “China and Japan war”, national football team’s starting lineup is: goalkeeper: Yan Junling;Defenders: Wang Shenchao, Zhu Chenjie, Jiang Guangtai, Zhang Linpeng, Deng Hanwen;Midfield: Wei Shihao (Liu Binbin), Xu Xin, Wu Xi, Wu Lei;Forward: Zhang Yuning.As a fan, we think wang Dalei should replace Yan Junling, zheng Zheng should replace Zhu Chenjie, Hao Junmin should replace Deng Hanwen, Yu Dabao should replace and Wu Lei should play forward.Of course, the situation of naturalized player, still need training observation!There’s a good chance he’ll start.January 27, 18:00, Japan VS China, CCTV5 live.Such treatment, is the Chinese women’s football team has never enjoyed;Want to know, the Women’s Asian Cup China women’s football group match, CCTV did not live broadcast, is really a long story.