In the year of the Tiger, watching the tiger, looking for the tiger, protecting the tiger pengcheng set off the popular science trend of “tiger”

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Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, tiger “C” debut!In order to create an atmosphere for the Year of the Tiger, a number of science popularization venues and public welfare organizations have launched “tiger” related science popularization activities, setting off a wave of “tiger” science popularization in Shenzhen.Shenzhen Wildlife Park and Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden are two municipal popular science bases, which are the weather vane of this “Tiger” popular science.In order to increase the number of tigers on display and improve visitors’ viewing experience, shenzhen Wildlife Park launched the “Year of the Tiger Zodiac Cultural Festival” and added a new tiger exhibition area at the top of Monster Valley.Here, 11 two-year-old Siberian tigers live in their “new home” and “make their debut in a group”, which is highly sought after by many citizens and tourists.Tiger watching in the Year of the Tiger has become a beautiful scenery in shenzhen Wildlife Park during the Spring Festival.Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden launched a special “tiger” trace activities.Tiger yan hua, tiger plum, black tiger, tiger ear grass, tiger tongue red, tiger eye evergreen, polystaffs and so on a batch of names with “tiger” word generation of plants, causing a lot of citizens to search for.- In addition, public welfare organizations in Shenzhen have joined in popularizing tiger science.It is reported that the Shenzhen Caring Action Public Welfare Foundation and the Guangdong North China South Tiger Provincial Nature Reserve Management office jointly launched the “Tiger Safe Growth Action”.The “South China Tiger Science Popularization Campaign” will add science popularization corridors and other science popularization facilities in the reserve to better carry out nature education and enhance public awareness of biodiversity conservation.With the increasing awareness of animal protection, people have become closer to animals, and pets are becoming a new fashion for children in Shenzhen to celebrate the Spring Festival.As a municipal popular science base, Bell Nature Exploration Park gathered alpacas, tree bags, lizards, rabbits and other cute pets, in addition to the special opening of cute pet show, koi pond wishing wall, custom handicraft experience and other Spring Festival special activities.As a featured popular science venue, happy Coast Ocean Fantasy Museum integrates popular science education, interactive experience and entertainment. It is a mecca for spring children.During the Spring Festival, many cute children come here to watch jellyfish play, play with fish, and interact closely with the sea teachers.Read: Sun Shijian