King of Glory: teach you to quickly get provincial cards, master after the hero brand casually take

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Jiangsu province thirty-seventh dream strange, Zhejiang province seventy-nine Daji, Hainan province third yi Star, see those masters get these brands we are not very envious, in fact, want to get provincial card, there are some can quickly get, relatively simple small skills.Here are some tips to help you get more middle and advanced titles like heroes.This method is suitable for strong players, is to rely on the peak coefficient is to improve the overall hero bonus coefficient.In King of Glory’s Peak Tournament, each player enters a peak tournament starting at 1200 points, and after that, each 20 points increase will earn 1% of the total hero battle power.It means that if you are really good at playing a hero, you can keep playing that hero and keep winning, to increase your score in summit.When your peak match score reaches a very high score relative to other players, you can give all your heroes hero score.For example, when a player reaches 1800 points, he or she gets a 30% bonus to the battle power coefficient of all heroes.So 1900 is 35 percent, 2000 is 40 percent, 2200 is 50 percent, 2400 is 60 percent.Specific method is, choose a oneself to play the most comfortable, most will play the branch position, and then find oneself in this branch inside the most skilled hero, has been playing peak game, as far as possible will peak score to play, generally hit 2000 points or so about the same.Then use the hero of the desired brand to win points, and use the peak coefficient to get a high battle score.The following is the key part, we will lose points if we use our unskilled heroes, but each section has the upper limit of hero peak score, because your personal peak score is much higher than your hero peak ability score, so you will not lose points almost, but win a lot of points.Therefore, it is very quick and easy to fight heroes that you don’t use very often.There are some we do not understand the news, such as iosqq war is king of glory is a game in the region of the lowest, here the hero provincial and municipal brand need hero glory war score are particularly low, unpopular hero is to reach the threshold of the list can win the gold medal.Players can also choose to locate their accounts in some remote areas and earn local hero titles, which will make it easier to earn provincial and municipal titles.In a word, players still need to play some games of relatively high level, and then the practice of some heroes, so as to enhance their strength, brand can also be easier to get.