People live tired, often because of involuntarily

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There are many things of great significance in this world, but there are only a few we like. When you force others to form good habits in your heart, have you taken into account his interest in this matter?Since the beginning of winter, began to run in the morning, every morning three kilometers, gradually became a habit.I felt a little tired in the first few days, but as time went on, it became normal.What’s more, because I run every morning, MY schedule is relatively stable.After resignation, the life returned to oneself completely, rest and rest time also becomes follow one’s inclinationonce even nursed the habit of stay up at night, add this year much rain, sometimes as long as there is food in the home, successive many days won’t go downstairs, imperceptibly feel to have a few decadent.The beginning of Winter, the sky suddenly clear, so I want to go out running.The first day of running may be purely for fitness, but later I found that I would encounter many interesting things every morning, such as the beautiful sunrise, flocks of wild ducks, and of course, the national treasure crested ibis.When a sport becomes fun, there is less compulsion and it gradually becomes a rhythm of life.It is said that a habit needs twenty-one days to form. If it takes such a long time to form such a habit, is it really what you like?People’s habits, in fact, do not need to be so forcible to change, just need to let yourself like.And like a thing, is not the significance of this thing itself, but how many elements in it is to let you interested in things, only with interest can like.There are many things of great significance in this world, but we only like a few, because each person’s particularity determines the point of interest is different.So when you force someone to form a good habit in your mind, are you taking his interest in the matter into account?Going out is just the beginning. The important thing is to let yourself discover the scenery on the road, what you like and where you can create the value you want, rather than the passive choice of what you like and what you should do.People live tired, often because of involuntarily, because you are always walking on the road designed for you by others, doing what others want you to do, just to please others, so how can you like it?Eventually, it can only be tired, tired, and even resistant.Jingxin Simple Language 2022.2.19 Yu Mian County (original works, no infringement)