Puning public security traffic police during the Spring Festival strictly check drunk driving do not close!

2022-05-11 0 By

Italian Spring Festival holiday classmate party can have relatives and reunion can have a drink a little wine to help but drunk driving can not have firmly!Please do not grasp the steering wheel of life with the hand that picks up the glass!Some people think that the Chinese New Year, the night weather is cold, traffic police can not every day to check drunk driving, occasionally drunk driving once may not be checked;Some people think that the hotel is not far from home, drunk driving home not so opportunely will be arrested;Others drink and drive on remote roads far from the city, hoping to avoid traffic police.Refuse drunk driving results backfire, as long as drunk driving, will be seized, because puning traffic police shu shu they check drunk driving is all-weather, morning check, noon check, night check, wind and rain in each major intersection waiting for you.For the sake of yourself, relatives, friends and public safety, remember “no drinking while driving, no drinking while driving”;Friends and relatives should discourage drunk driving, and work together to abide by laws and regulations, safe and civilized travel.At the same time, Puning traffic police will take a variety of measures, strictly check drunk driving not slacking off, the drunk driving behavior will be punished according to law, the driver must not take any chances, drunk driving will pay a heavy price.There is a habit is drunk driving, there is a harvest is safe return, there is a safe reunion for the safety of you and others do not drink driving