The first in the city!Officially open!

2022-05-11 0 By

Recently, under the strong support of the tax service department, agency service center and information center and other departments of the Municipal Tax Bureau, the first self-service tax service hall of the city was officially opened in the renovation of the Office area of Phoenix West Road of langya District Tax Bureau.The tax service hall is equipped with 6 sets of electronic tax bureau terminals, 7 sets of self-service agent, sale and other equipment, integrating online application, online declaration, invoice receiving, invoice issuing, invoice checking and other functions.After the formal operation of the self-service tax service hall, it is expected that the maximum business acceptance per day can reach 300 people, which greatly relieves the pressure of 琅琊路 tax service Hall, and also provides convenient and efficient services for taxpayers in the old city, making taxpayers feel the best tax handling experience of “coming, doing and leaving”.In order to actively build a new tax service system of “no dead corners for offline services, no closing hours for online services and wide coverage of customized services”, In recent years, Langya District Tax Bureau has steadily promoted the “non-contact” tax payment service, actively explored the “Internet + tax” mode, and constantly innovated personalized service measures.Strive to facilitate the people to do tax spring breeze blowing to the area of every taxpayer, pay the heart of the people.(hong-liang du Fees dream bamboo) sources | edit | reed {langya} area revenue gui-yun wang pre-trial | | Wang Fei final Li Xinglei organizer | reed {langya} district party committee propaganda department of the communist party of China to undertake unit | reed {langya} zone melting media center to the nucleic acid testing results!Chuzhou important notices again!Period Jiao Yan visit retired veteran cadres push good news!!You wash the car, I’ll pay!Recommendation ⑨2022.3.16 Public service advertising