Eugenie to follow Harry and Meghan and leave the royal family for America?Expert: the wisest choice!

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Sussex duke couple harry megan left his position on the senior members of the royal family in 2020, the initiative for their pursuit of freedom and the economic independence of life power, the move is seen as a betrayal of the British royal family, two years later, however, experts say another two royal family members of the royal family will follow in their footsteps, left England moved to Los Angeles.Last week, Princess Eugenie made a surprise appearance in Los Angeles as the first royal to travel to the US to visit the couple, attending the Super Bowl in California with prince Harry.It’s worth noting that the royals are not fans of any of the teams playing that day, and Harry has never watched a Super Bowl before, which Royal editor Charlotte Griffiths claimed was more like a hidden message from Harry and Eugenie.Speaking to UK presenter Jess King, Ms Griffiths said: ‘Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry were photographed at the Super Bowl and it was like a statement by the princess to the world that she was taking sides between the royal family and Harry.’Mr Jez asked: ‘Are you saying that Princess Eugenie has chosen to stand by Prince Harry at a time of tension between him and the royal family?’Fellow royal columnist Guy Adams replied: “Princess Eugenie is definitely closer to Prince Harry than any other member of the royal family and yes, she supports him.”Mr Adams then asked when Princess Eugenie had travelled to the US and whether she had been living there for some time or had just arrived at the Super Bowl with Prince Harry.Ms Griffiths went on to point out that eugenie may have moved to Los Angeles with her husband and children in light of the events of the Windsor family, stressing that this was the best decision for her.The experts say the royal events refers to the princess princess eugenie’s father, the duke of york Andrew is over the New York court for his alleged sexual assault case, and the British public common to him by private compensation settlement with the plaintiff escape sanctions, the princess eugenie and her sister bit Liz o the princess had been affected inevitably.Mr Adams agreed with Ms Griffiths, adding: ‘Los Angeles is a great place for Eugenie, who has always worked in the art industry, so this appearance could also be an open result of her having moved there.’Unlike Harry and Meghan, Eugenie has no role in the royal family and has always had a freer rein, so her departure from the royal family would not have the same impact on the running of the royal family as Harry and Meghan.In addition, the couple left, harry princess eugenie was the only one public support for their pursuit of the life that you want to members of the royal family, and in the past two years the princess also found by the outside world thought with harry couple is very close, such as in the child’s privacy megan, she has been to follow harry refused to release the child’s photos to give his life privacy.Harry megan in an interview in the past, two people also have revealed their close relations with princess eugenie and her husband jack and often go out for private “double date”, that is to say, princess eugenie choose moved to England can and harry couple to look after each other and as the most able to understand each other a few people together to pursue a new life, from different angles,The princess seems to have every reason to move to America.