Minle County Dongpu community in various forms to carry out food safety publicity activities

2022-05-12 0 By

In order to further promote the food safety publicity work of the jurisdiction, improve the awareness rate and popularization rate of the food safety knowledge of the residents of the jurisdiction.Recently, dongpu community organized staff and volunteers in the area to carry out food safety publicity activities.Activity, community work personnel take the way of entering a visit and field distribution of publicity materials to residents of the masses propaganda food safety laws and regulations, the popular science knowledge of food safety, at the same time to residents explained how to realize the relevant characteristics of food poisoning in daily life and food safety problems encountered in daily life, and the residents question answering questions.Let the residents, especially the elderly, know how to preserve food and how to prevent food and medicine from mildew and deterioration, so as to deepen the understanding of food safety and improve the food safety awareness of the residents.At the same time, guide the broad masses of residents to have a further understanding of the food production and operation behavior and unhealthy food around the existence of safety risks, help residents establish food safety awareness, enhance self-protection ability, let the food safety concept deeply rooted in the people.Through conduct propaganda activities, area residents more directly understand and master the knowledge of food safety in daily life, not only enhance the residents’ food safety awareness and self-protection capability, more people involved in food safety, social governance together to build a good atmosphere, thus increasing residents get feeling, happiness and security.Author: Dong Xueqin