She gets hit by a car back to 60, the infertile wife of a bullied soldier in a military compound

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Hello everybody baby hello, are you in the situation of book shortage recently, do not know what to read?Today recommended, can be described as my heart love!!I believe you will like it!She was hit by a car and returned to 60. The infertile wife of the army, who was bullied in the courtyard of the Army, refused the book shortage.After Li Nian encounters the most routine dog blood plot on the history, wear to 60’s actually, can be forced to survive hard in fabled age only, but fortunately have systematic help, from now on diligently do farming, do a task, survival happiness index rises continuously, by the way harvest male main one, sweet sweet good life.Pit guide: “Duo duo, this storage room, in addition to the outside can receive the things produced in the field, I brought in from the outside can receive?””No, master!The storage room is a separate farm module system that does not allow external storage.””Can I bring my tools to the farm?””Master, the tools can be put on the side of the field, in the weeds, as long as you clear the weeds, there will always be a place for the tools.””Well, it is not to me to work, alas, that I first pull grass, clean a small area out.””Ok, master come on!””Don’t you cheer me up, Duo duo, can you work for me?””Master, I am virtual system many, do not exist entity, also can not operate for you to work, so hope master oneself hard!””Oh!Got it.”After responding to the system, Li Nian squatted down and began to pull weeds. Fortunately, there was not much soil nearby to plant weeds. The roots and stems of weeds were not deep enough, so li Nian could easily pull them up by hand.After pulling weeds for half an hour, Li Nian finally cleaned them up. He hammered his waist, straightened his body and exhaled.Although the body was still very young, seventeen years old, it had never worked, and of course, Li Nian had never done farm work before she came here.”Think of it as one small step towards a happy life in sixty years!Li Nian, you can do it!”Li Nian cheered himself up.Then Li Nian sat down beside the cleaned ground and rested for a while.I looked at the land carefully. It was square and brown.Li Nian has never planted a field, and I don’t know if this soil is fertile, but the system should not pit me, this soil should be able to grow things.”It seems that if you want to plant land, you need to have seeds first, but besides seeds, you also need tools for farming. You’d better have a hoe. After all, Li Nian doesn’t know anything else.For watering, bring in a ladle or a bucket from the outside to fetch water from the small pool. That’s enough.”Calculate, don’t want other first, go looking for order first kind is more practical, say li read shook shook a head, don’t want to think so much.”System, how do I get out?””All the master needs is for you to say leave and go out.”‘Leave!(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: Through sixty: I just want to be rice bug introduction: “Xie Xiaoba, you give me stop!”An exasperated female voice from far and near.A boy of about four, with a small black chicken sitting on his head, ran quickly across the living room and hid behind the sofa.”Small seven, how to do, mother seems really angry.”He toward the chicken sad of say, difficult way he for a while again want to eat iron arenaceous palm, small eight don’t want to!Fu’s family belongs to the third production brigade. The whole brigade is almost made of low houses made of mud. There is no fence in the yard, but they are surrounded by fences.Fu Xiaxia woke up hungry early in the morning, and the twin brothers were already lying on the side waiting.”Mom, you see sister spit bubble, really fun.”Xiao Liang looked at her sister lovely appearance, gently poke her soft face with fingers, see that bubble “bang” broke, and then he ha ha ha laugh, Xiao Ming also followed the smile, you poke, I poke play fu Xiaxia white tender face.”Ah ah ah” fu Xiaxia called a few, to the brothers fight/discuss, don’t poke, line.Fortunately, MAO Xiaoyan saw the two sons’ behavior and stopped them in time: “Don’t poke your sister’s face, just you two that rude look, how to do if it is damaged.”Then he gave her two sons one and picked up Fu Xiaxia to feed her.Fu Xiaxia’s stomach was empty. Seeing her rations coming, she closed her eyes and began to eat, ignoring her two stinky brothers.Baby life is really so boring ah, how long does she have ah, I wish time could fast forward a bit, at least can run can jump.The boys wanted to see their sister, but their mother kicked them out.Let them go where they like, out of the way.All right, this is mom!The chimneys of each family are already curling up with smoke, and their big dining hall has just been disbanded. The food is distributed to each family and they all arrange it by themselves.When they eat separately, at least they don’t have to hide what they want, but they can’t hide it too much. If they cook it too well, the taste will be too conspicuous.After all, we are still struggling on the subsistence line, if your home to eat too good, if there is a bad heart, a report will have to go to be criticized.Home has been a long time to see oil and water, a meal is more and more large.Usually they would go to the mountains and sea to find food by themselves, with the grown-ups turning a blind eye, which was the tacit consent of their commune.It’s too poor to let the peasants starve to death after working so hard on the land.But in winter it was not easy to find food. There were wild animals in the mountains, as well as many traps set by the old hunters, hidden by the snow, and very dangerous to step on.In previous years, children have been accidentally killed in traps, stiffened while the adults searched for them.So the villagers also forbid the children to go to the mountains, only let them play at the edge of the forest.Introduction: She was reborn from the 21st century to a village girl in the 1960s, living a life of five dozen meters a day.He is a righteous and evil little educated youth who will do anything to achieve his goal.Destitute, she gets rich, the male scum that encounters deception dwells with female affection sends him to go to hell.Buddha says;Lay down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha.She said;Butcher knife in hand, the world let me go.Guide to the pit: Everyone in the room looked at each other, and some gossips automatically started to fill their heads.Liu Gang is flurried look at ma Yan side, but I do not know who said this.His face changed and changed, and he turned back to his room.Liu Yougui and Liu Gang live in a courtyard, but do not walk a door.Within two or three minutes of entering the room, he walked out with Liu Tong in his arms.Ma Yan a look, as far as possible to lower their sense of existence, but the child’s cry, but she could not help but secretly look at two eyes.She was relieved to see that the child had been frightened into crying.”Dad, what are you going to do?””Asked Liu Gang’s youngest son, running out crying.Holding Liu Tong in his arms, Liu Gang came to the door of the east house and said loudly, “Why should I feed the children of the eight families?Since you must bring it back, you can raise it yourselves.”With these words he placed the child in front of the outhouse door.Liu Ying remarried ma Zheng tun people know the cause of the matter.This meeting with Liu Gang to talk about the child, all feel that liu family things too much.Liu Yougui in the house just to appease his wife, listen to his tiger son to such a word, he roared: “the child you don’t feed a look to me, you dare to talk nonsense again, today I must kill you this beast can not.”Outside liu Gang a listen, angry of say: “hum, want to use the child to do and always come to my house is not?I’m telling you, don’t even think about it.If you don’t feed me, send my child to Liu Ying.”In the house Liu Yougui saw his tiger son holding Liu Tong go out, angrily went to the outhouse, see into a person, he looked up but see is Ma Yan.”What are you doing here?”He asked angrily.Ma Yan smiled and rubbed her hands. She came to him and whispered, “How does it feel to be framed?”She knew that Liu Yougui would not let Liu Gang give the child to Liu Ying, she was entering the house specially blocked him.Liu Yougui at the beginning listen to this words did not understand is he meaning, after a minute or two, the face looks at Ma Yan.”You’re a wicked girl.””He growled, gritting his teeth.Ma Yan looked at him and said, “Am I evil?Compare with you Liu Yougui, I feel oneself too kind “hum, be careful to suffer retribution.”Liu Yougui at this time what all think through, know their tiger son this is calculated by people.Ma Yan left the pie mouth, again low voice say: “Liu yougui us half catty to eight two, is you not benevolence in the first don’t blame me injustice.”Liu Yougui a face ruthless color looked at her, gnash teeth said: “work to leave a line of good meet later, I think this truth you should understand?”He hated Ma Yan, but there was nothing he could do about it.”(Click the link below to read the novel) The above is all the novels introduced to you today, if you like it, hurry to read it, don’t forget to bookmark and share!To review highlights: reborn s: open into her space to the countryside educated youth, also met with bursts of spoil her head Wolf offering outstanding students of “rebirth” after her rebirth, proficient skill + space alongside the body, is the new ShuaiJun appearance “the ShengChong cure princess has space” her rebirth in a needle cure report high, was married even gave birth to five children!He’s the law guy. He’s been married to her for 33 years. He didn’t leave his house for a week after he married her