Spring walk grass-roots water full township Of Wuzhishan City Fang Long village rural revitalization team to solve the people’s worries mud road cement road warm people

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Every year in the middle of January is water full township wuzhishan city early spring tea mining season.This year’s picking season, the water full township fang Long village of 16 villagers, a lot of comfort.In early December last year, a 580-meter long and 1.5-meter wide cement road was successfully completed by the village work team and villagers in Fanglong Village.The completion of this road will facilitate the transportation of cash crops such as 100 mu of tea garden, 20 mu of puzzle and 30 mu of camellia oil around the road, which can drive the industrial development and increase income of 80 people in 16 households of the village.On the morning of January 24, Xie Jian, leader of fanglong Village rural revitalization Task force, and Luo Shenghua, member of the team, led hainan Daily reporters along the newly built road to a mountain tea garden at the end of the road.Along the road, rows of tea trees and ancient trees and red leaves from the surrounding rainforest National Park form a beautiful picture.”Not only is it convenient for villagers to produce, but the surrounding ecological environment of the production road is beautiful, with a close view of Wuzhi Mountain and a large-scale tea garden.If other infrastructure can be improved, rural leisure tourism can be developed in the future. Tourists can enter the tea garden to pick and taste tea, and build a tea garden tourism brand.”Xie Jian stood aside, pointing to the nearby Wuzhi Mountain told Hainan Daily reporters.”After the production road is repaired, the car can drive directly up.”Xie Jian introduced, this period of time, will organize villagers on both sides of the production road to clean up the health, “the road is repaired, health must follow.”Speaking of this production road, Xie Jian and Luo Shenghua very feeling, with endless words.Xie Jian introduced that in the middle of last year, after a new round of team members were stationed in the village, they began to plan to solve problems for the people, so as to lay a solid mass foundation for the following rural revitalization work.After many visits and field visits by the team members, the team found that the Xiantongsheng production road in the Village group of Shizai has always been a dirt road, and every rainy weather, the villagers’ production will be affected.To this end, the village team will be held a thematic deployment, planning production road construction problems.In order to save money, the village team actively contacted wuzhishan Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau and other supporting units to apply for concrete, sand and other construction materials, saving a lot of material costs.At the same time, combined with road construction, the information ledger of surrounding farmers, acres of cash crops, road design and construction information was established to accumulate data information foundation.Moreover, the Fanglong Village rural revitalization Task force gave full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and put the Party flag in the forefront of production road.”No professional construction team was invited, but party members, cadres and the masses worked together to build it.”Luo Shenghua said, when the villagers heard to do practical things for the village, many villagers volunteered to work, regardless of personal income, some clean stones, some carry materials, construction experience involved in cement laying……It took seven days to complete the short but steep production road at a cost of less than 100,000 yuan.”Only when a Communist is dedicated to the people and actively helps the masses solve problems around him can he win the support and support of the masses.”Luo shenghua said, the smooth construction of the road, let him deeply touched, in the New Year’s work in the village, he will be more active to help the people to solve problems, do practical things, good service for the villagers.(Hainan Daily wuzhishan, January 24) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn