Unbearable green camp harassment!Yan Kuan Heng mansion in Shalu district sold for 45 million yuan, less than half the market value

2022-05-12 0 By

According to Taiwan media on January 29, taichung city second constituency “legislative committee” by-election although has ended, but the KMT candidate Yan Kuan Heng family was attacked by green camp, after the election ripple, is located in Shalu Yan Kuan Heng mansion spread has been quietly sold.Yan kuan Heng’s mother and family moved out after the election and were sold for 45 million Taiwan dollars (NT $, the same below), his aides confirmed Sunday.On January 21, the mansion, including land and above-ground objects (ground number 490, 494), has been transferred property rights, yan family at less than half of the market price, about 45 million yuan in full sale.Yan Kuan Heng is located in sand lu and Longjing border mansion, due to the election was green camp urgent man-mark, including illegal construction and other disputes, after the election, green camp offensive is still not rest, Yan family daily life is still magnified by the inspection, the family are unbearable, and the demolition is also a big project, so decided to sell the house.Yan Kuan Heng’s staff this morning low-key confirmed that the house has been sold to 45 million yuan, including mother and other family candidates have all moved out of the place.