Are all the women in Shanghai so expensive?Wearing a fleece coat is gentle and generous, especially fashionable

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Every time we need to change the season, the first thing we consider is to choose the way to wear clothes that can make our aura more fashionable coat. The suitable way to match coats of different thickness is different. After choosing the right coat, we will consider the way to match other clothes.Are all the women who live in Shanghai so expensive?Wearing a fleece coat is gentle and generous, especially fashionable.Warm weather more wear fleece coat, learn Shanghai women so wear, gentle and very expensive, fleece coat is very suitable for the early spring weather to wear, learn the collocation of Shanghai women, can make your early spring wear become more expensive and also very elegant.In all kinds of fleece jackets, brown fleece jackets have always been a very classic existence.Because brown home outfit coat temperament restoring ancient ways does not say, still have the feeling of a kind of teddy bear, lovely and advanced, show thin effect is pretty good also, it is a kind of color design that invites a person to like quite.Shorter styles also show a sweeter effect, slimming and lengthening legs.Pair it with fresh blue jeans for extra chic.But when your fleeced coat is dark brown, it’s best not to pair it with black pants, or opt for a rustic outfit that doesn’t look fashionable.The brown coat with long velvet coat is different, both free and easy atmosphere.Thin people can wear the effect of over size, while fat people can wear a very grand and noble aura. Each collocation method is different.When your figure is thin when, must choose to be able to highlight a kind of emaciated feeling deserve to act the role of or tie-in method, should choose to compare atmosphere instead when your figure is very plump or it is more lively tie-in way, will magnify lovely feeling.For example, with a short skirt or shorts.The decorative pattern of the coat can make the effect of the clothing displayed more attractive, and the visual tension is particularly strong.Choose vintage patterns in particular to give your furry coat an elegant and relaxed vibe.Choose a retro pattern, so that when matching skirts can present a more elegant lady’s visual effect, it is suitable for some fluffy shoes, berets or skirts such as elegant and lady’s clothing.Color fleece coat choose short fleece coat, not only can achieve the effect of warmth, but also to a certain extent to show the effect of long legs, temperament and lively.Therefore, many short jackets are matched with color or white, if it is brown, orange or yellow, it can also show a certain lovely effect, this bright and gentle color is suitable for every temperament of young girls to wear.At the same time, this color is used to match brown clothing and black clothing, very stable effect, belonging to a more artistic style, a sense of youth but not particularly publicity, especially lively visual effect.Floral embellishments can make your outfit look different, like adding a spotted pattern to a white coat to make it look like leopard print, cool and sexy.Because the fleece design is meant to be a faux fur decoration, so is the lamb coat, and if you choose a cute solid color, it’s a cute choice.Similar leopard grain, tiger grain and so on compare along with the design can become very wild glamour, every kind of collocation means is to have different glamour feeling.Atmospheric top coat is not to say that all the white added velvet coat’s effects are very cute, there are some plus pile design presents the visual effect is very atmosphere, such as hair a little longer, watching more fluffy long coat, present the visual effect is very atmospheric, don’t lose the tiger stripes or leopard grain decoration coat,The effect is more atmospheric, the disadvantage is to show fat also easy to show short legs.The way of collocation must pay attention to a point, it is recommended that you choose a more advanced shirt or brown department of wide-leg pants and other clothing for collocation.If you’re choosing a skirt, skip baggy pants and remember to wear tight leggings for a layered effect.Handsome coat short plush design and plush design is of course the effect is completely different, even if they are white, to bring us the texture is not the same.Short plush must be a good aging effect, can become more lovely, also can become more handsome.Short coat will be more lovely, used to match jeans, skirts and other clothes is very suitable, long will be more handsome and free, used to match cargo pants, suit pants or a slightly unique style of jeans are very stylish, and full of energy, very natural and unrestrained.Gray fleece coat different fuzzy color, the effect is also different, recommended so many colors, gray and black is not recommended because these two colors are relatively low-key.Looks like gray, looks like a kind of dull feeling, although some cute, but with the dark clothing, looks like the naked eye looks old.Even too low-key.As white fastens the trousers that tie-in black fastens can compare relaxed and fashionable, gray fastens more suit tie-in shallow cream or the trousers that is shallow white.