Chevrolet blazers with strong strength to express Chevrolet SUV brand spirit

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With the consumption upgrade and the release of the three-child policy, more and more consumers start to focus on medium and large SUVs with more practical space.Big stance, good view, bigger trunk and better passing performance.Indeed, SUV models can meet the general consumer car “one-stop demand”.As a century-old automobile brand, Since 1935 when the world’s first SUV Carryall was launched, Chevrolet uphold the spirit of continuous innovation and exploration launched a series of classic best-selling models favored by SUV enthusiasts around the world.Blaze, launched in 1969, was one of the star models. It pioneered four-wheel-drive SUVs and quickly became the star SUV of the year with its powerful power and adaptability to various road conditions.Last year, the Successor to Blazer, the Chevrolet Trailblazer, entered the country with a new look, offering consumers a better and more desirable car experience.Today, Chevrolet once again released a 48V light hybrid system and more high-tech configuration of 2021 light hybrid Chevrolet Pioneer, to further meet the social new middle class constantly upgraded car quality demand.The appearance level and interior are both online, showing the charm of personality. Different from the smooth appearance design of the same model, Pioneer takes the pioneer concept SUV FNR-Carry All as the prototype, with a pure American SUV tough shape, with strong recognition and impact.Unique X type thunder front face, family style double grille modeling, huge smoked black honeycomb mesh, all permeated with tough SUV domineer.With amazing 21 “six Y shaped smoked black wheel hub, fully show off-road style, but also highlights the sporty temperament.In addition to the ordinary version, there are two personalized designs, Redline Shang · Red series fashion sports, RS series extremely sports performance, no matter which one is just as out of the modification factory, people can’t move their eyes.On the interior, the Pioneer adopts the same design style as the legendary Kemailuo, which is full of sports technology.The turbine-controlled exhaust vents and dual-barrel sports instrument panel are a complete transplant of kemailuo’s design, making you almost forget it’s a seven-seater SUV.The interior of the large area of soft coating and leather material application, further enhance the sense of grade and quality.Of course, the unique design of Redline’s Red And RS series also stimulates the driver’s senses.Among them, the central console of Redline Shang · Red series is decorated with dazzling red stitching, and the seats are also unique dazzling red sports seats, full of fashion sense.RS series interior design is more sharp, the central console red stitching, the RS logo in the stopper, red and black sports seats, has a strong visual impact, will undoubtedly hit the hearts of generation Z young people.With the support of 48V light mixing technology, the passionate and explosive sport has become the DNA of the Chevrolet brand, and it appears in every Chevrolet model.The trailblazer is equipped with the Chevrolet 2T9 golden power combination consisting of 2.0T+9AT, which is also the world’s top 10 power combination.The engine has a maximum power of 237 HP and a peak torque of 350 N · m at 1500 RPM, which lasts up to 4000 RPM.The engine also uses a lot of dark technology to keep fuel consumption under control.The first is the world’s first Tripower three-stage intelligent cylinder change technology, which can adjust the valve lift according to the working condition in real time and switch arbitrarily in the four cylinder surging, four cylinder efficient, two cylinder smooth three modes, in order to meet the requirements of different driving conditions and driving habits.The matching 9-speed manual automatic transmission has a wide gear ratio range of 7.6:1 and a fine gear distribution. It can be switched into ninth gear at 95km/h, bringing a smoother shift feeling and more sensitive acceleration performance.On the basis of 2T9 power system, Trailblazer upgraded with 48V light mixing system, which can automatically switch five working states according to different driving conditions of the vehicle: agile start, electric power, intelligent charging, braking energy recovery and electric idle. Not only the acceleration performance is greatly improved, the 100km acceleration can reach 8.4 seconds.The minimum fuel consumption is 7.1 liters per 100 kilometers.The Pioneer’s 48V motor delivers four times the power of a conventional motor in an instant at stationary start or automatic start and stop, enabling a smooth and fast wake up to idle.The 48V motor provides a boost to the engine during the less economical acceleration phase of conventional fuel vehicles.In the actual experience, because the 48V motor can work with the engine, the experience of speed increase will be smooth and smooth.For an SUV, the size of space is an important consideration index. Pioneer has a body of nearly 5 meters and the longest ultra-long wheelbase of 2863mm in the same class, creating a space foundation comparable to that of high-end commercial vehicles.With plenty of room in the front, the Chevy Trailblazer offers excellent headroom and class-leading legroom for second-row passengers, and easy entry and exit for third-row passengers.The third row is also better than many of its seven-seater suVs, with thickened cushions and a concave crown, so that the third row is no longer just an emergency seat for children, but for adults as well.The third row of the Trailblazer also comes with Easy Entry, making it Easy for passengers to get on and off the bus.The Trailblazer also has enough storage capacity to accommodate extended family trips, with 222L of trunk space for a full load of seven people, and no problem with two 20-inch or 24-inch suitcases or a larger backpack.If the second and third rows of seats are put down with one button, the Trailblazer will have nearly 2000L of trunk space, which is enough for mountain bikes, tents and other large items.In addition, the Trailblazer offers up to 37 storage Spaces, with armrest cup holders in each row and a storage drawer in the second row for all passengers’ storage needs.Pioneer is equipped with a new generation of MyLink+ intelligent vehicle-mounted interconnection system, which can support Apple CarPlay, Baidu CarLife, Bluetooth, and rich in-car apps.Covering intelligent navigation, entertainment music, information, real-time weather, traffic life, information query, etc., the fun is quite strong.In addition, the new car also supports the intelligent voice recognition system to open the human-computer interaction experience, really achieve the liberation of hands, adjust the air conditioning temperature, play music, query the weather and so on, a command is enough.The whole system can not only support OTA remote upgrade, but also enjoy 100GB of onstar free data per year, so that you can enjoy the connected life of car and machine.In terms of security, the pioneers are fully armed.In terms of passive safety, the whole series of standard 6 airbags and the body of the selection of high strength steel and ultra-high strength steel to build a strong body, for passengers in the car to bring 360 degrees of steel wall.In terms of active safety, the whole system is equipped with 21 ESC sub-functions, as well as 13 intelligent safety technologies such as pedestrian collision warning and protection, lane departure assistance and maintenance, blind area warning and line assistance, reversing warning, 360 panoramic image, etc., which can eliminate the danger before it happens and fully protect the safety of drivers and passengers.As the leader of Chevrolet SUV family, Chevrolet Trailblazer has the product strength of the same level, such as pure American SUV design combining family and personality, large 7-seat wide space, high-quality driving control with multi-function and comfort, Jianduan safety technology configuration, and high perception and comfort configuration.The addition of the 48V light mixing system brings better power performance, driving texture and fuel economy. Pioneer expresses the spirit of Chevrolet SUV brand with strong strength, providing consumers with fun and high-quality car experience!