Counterattack on Vietnam: our troops in distress, a kitchen soldiers alone to attract enemy fire, the result

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Yunnan has the laudable name of “the south of colorful clouds”, the Red River originated in Yunnan from north to south, mighty and mighty rushes down, flows through Hekou Town, enters Vietnam old Street, hekou town southwest not far is Vietnam’s northern important town Shaba (namely Shaba).Before the 1990s, Sabah was part of Vietnam’s Hoang Lien Province.In February 1979, after the start of the counter-attack against Vietnam, in the western direction, our army has the “iron fist division” known as the 149 division soldiers in three ways to attack the Sabah area, and the Vietnamese army ace 316A division launched a head-to-head contest.The battle for Sabah began on February 25th.The Sabah line, which the Vietnamese had operated for many years, was very strong and the 316A division was also tenacious.The terrain was difficult and it was raining hard, and my 149th division was gnawing at almost every step of the way.Among them, two battalions of the 445th regiment advanced towards Shaba along highway 10. They were blocked by Vietnamese troops on the high ground near bridge 4 and were unable to attack for a long time, forming a stalemate.The 446th also took part in the battle and was finally able to take out the enemy positions under the heavy fire of the division’s batteries.Compared with the battle in the direction of the 4th bridge, 447 regiment of 149th Division captured the Battle of Beishan Pass in Xinzhai, which was even more tragic. The battle was dark and dark. The 2nd company of the vanguard suffered three quarters of casualties, which was the highest single battle casualty rate of the entire western front.After the 445 and 446 regiments captured the town of Shaba on 3 March, 447 continued its attack to the west in the direction of Xinzhai in order to cut off the enemy’s retreat.The 445 regiment heard the new village direction of gunfire, judging the 447 regiment over there the situation is fierce, so leaving 1 even to wipe out remnants of the enemy, regiment headquarters and 4 companies immediately to the west, take the initiative to reinforce brother troops.In the end, the 445th helped 447 complete the combat mission, and gained a lot.At that time, the main enemy force in the Shaba area has been defeated, the remnants of the mountain hiding resistance.The next day, 149 division of the department of destruction of the enemy, 445 regiment encountered greater danger than in the previous battle, critical juncture, fortunately, a cook to make a feat, 445 regiment to save the danger.On the afternoon of March 4, 1979, the 445th Regiment’s command post led four companies of 100 mortar company, 82 non-sitting battery company, 7 company and communication company were taking a rest near the road from Xinzhai to Sabah.It was not far from the Vietnamese army in the direction of the Pass of The Huanglian Mountain, and the Vietnamese army might have found something. The 445 regiment suddenly came under sporadic shelling near the headquarters.Soon, a house along the road was blown up and on fire, and a supply truck hidden behind the house was exposed.A few ammunition wagons were standing not far behind the supply wagons, and the regiment’s command post was twenty meters away in the grass, surrounded by four companies.The Yue army found the supply car, suspected of hiding our troops near the large forces, immediately called the rear artillery concentrated fire bombardment.A barrage of shells exploded around the supply truck, damaging it and careening off to the side of the road. The driver was badly injured and carried over to be bandaged by his comrades.Enemy shells also tried to hit the nearby hills, one shell flew 3 meters away from the regiment headquarters radio station, a tree standing on the radio antenna was blown off in the middle, 7 pairs of telephone lines were blown off 6 pairs, 5 people were injured by the blast.The heavy artillery fire was a serious threat to the safety of the 445 regiment headquarters and four companies, and the troops certainly could not move at that time. The enemy was staring at them with binoculars, and their movements were exposed.If this continued, the shells would probably fall into everyone’s hiding places, and if the ammunion-cart was hit and exploded, the nearest regiment headquarters would be the first to suffer, with disastrous consequences.The regimental commanders were so anxious that their only solution was to divert the enemy’s attention by driving away the damaged supply vehicle.But who would drive under fire when the driver was wounded?At this time, Yang Jianzhang, a cook of 445 regiment communication company, volunteered to ask the instructor to let him drive away the supply car.Yang jianzhang, a native of Yongping, Yunnan province, learned to drive before joining the army.In 1972, at the age of 18, Yang jianzhang volunteered to join an engineering team to help Laos build roads. He worked in the mosquito-infested subtropical jungle area for two years and was awarded the unit model. He learned how to drive a car while helping Laos.At the end of 1974, Yang jianzhang signed up for the army and was counted as a 75th soldier.He wanted to be a pilot in the army.But he was assigned to the engineer platoon, and a year later, transferred to the communications company cooking squad, responsible for feeding pigs.At the beginning, Yang Jianzhang complained a little about being a swineherd and slowly got used to it.In the late 1970s, the army called on him to learn from Lei Feng. Yang Jianzhang worked very actively, wearing a broken straw hat every day, pushing a cart, looking for pig feed everywhere, come rain or come rain.He joined the Party after more than two years in the army. He suffered from intestinal tuberculosis due to long fatigue and poor health.In 1978, Yang Jianzhang wanted to retire from the army, he is urban registered permanent residence, back to the place can arrange a good job.But looking for company leader to say several times, did not approve.Yang jianzhang was very angry and lost his temper. He went to the training class if he wanted to, but went to sleep if he didn’t want to. The company leaders had nothing to do with him.Hence Yang jianzhang’s nickname, “Second pole”, which means “prickle head”.Company officials intend to let Yang jianzhang discharged next year.By the end of 1978, the army was ready for war.Considering that Yang jianzhang was a pacesetter and in poor health, the company let him stay and wait for demobilization.However, Yang Jianzhang became excited when he heard that there would be a war. He had already thrown the idea of demobilization into the Java state, and repeatedly asked to kill the enemy on the battlefield, but the company refused to approve it. He found the commander of the 445 regiment and said, “Comrades are all on the front, but I am retired.He bit his finger and wrote in blood.Finally, the regiment thought Yang Jianzhang spirit commendable, agreed to his request.The company asked him to continue to do a good job of their own work, to assist the cooking monitor to protect the battlefield diet of the company.In this way, after the war of self-defence against Vietnam began, Yang Jianzhang also came to the Vietnam battlefield with the troops.Back on the afternoon of March 4, 1979, the 445th came under Vietnamese artillery fire near the camp where it was resting, and the situation was critical.Yang jianzhang shouted to the instructor, “I learned to drive a car. Let me divert the enemy’s fire!”The instructor agreed, telling him to be careful.Yang Jianzhang immediately jumped out of cover, crouched, quickly ran to the front of the supply car in the gunfire, opened the door, jumped into the cab, and turned to shout to everyone, “chief, comrades, goodbye!”The food cart turned round and galloped east at full throttle.When the Vietnamese troops noticed the vehicle moving, heavy gunfire followed the supply vehicle and Vietnamese anti-aircraft machine guns on a nearby hill aimed at the vehicle and fired heavily.The officers of the 445th saw a shell explode very close to the supply truck, which shook and moved on.Yang jianzhang drove his car about 500 meters and was killed when a shell hit the car almost perfectly.The enemy’s attention was diverted and the 445th command post and four companies were secured.That night, the regiment resumed communication and, together with its brothers, annihilated nearby enemies.After the war, Yang Jianzhang was posthumously awarded first-class merit, and was also commended by the Central Military Commission. He was the only hero of the 149th Division to receive this honor, which aroused great repercussion in the army.Some people in the 445th Regiment communication company said that Yang Jianzhang had been eager to retire before the war and was regarded as the “second pole”, so he should not be given such a high honor.More people think that Yang Jianzhang is a hero, some negative behavior before the war is normal in peace time, his essence is good.For a long time, people have been a little quibble about the word “hero”.Heroes are also people of flesh and blood, many emotions and six desires, perhaps there are such and such faults, but people must not be confused in the big is not big, can come forward at the critical moment, even if crushed to pieces, this is the precious place of the hero.