Highlights of recent economic operation | Shandong Province issued a list of high-quality development policies of “Seeking progress while maintaining stability”

2022-05-14 0 By

Shandong province in-depth implementation of the central economic work conference spirit, determined to shoulder the responsibility of the stable macroeconomic and intensify economic operation regulation, continue to intensify policy supply, from the macroscopic and microscopic, structure, scientific and technological innovation, reform and opening up, regional development and the social seven aspects, such as quickly with listing “seek improvement in stability” quality development policy in 2022 (the first),We will strengthen policy coordination, actively respond to the triple pressure of demand contraction, supply shock and weakening expectations, and strive to contribute to stabilizing the overall macroeconomic market nationwide.Listing “seek improvement in stability” quality development policy in 2022 (the first), containing the new planning policy 56, 2021 continue to 122 items, especially in combing the existing policy, according to the can’t quit don’t quit as far as possible, to perfect the perfect continued after the ascension, due to the annual work has been completed, explicit policy execution expires or national policy adjustment,Only 31 policies are no longer continued or withdrawn, thus maintaining the continuity and stability of the policies to the maximum extent.A preliminary estimate shows that 134.5 billion yuan will be spent by provincial-level governments in 2022 on the high-quality development policy list for pursuing progress while maintaining stability.Among them, the continued implementation of 122 policies involved 10.5 billion yuan of spending, while 56 newly proposed policies involved 124 billion yuan.The introduction and implementation of these policies will further stimulate the vitality of market subjects, boost market confidence, boost high-quality economic development, and the economy of Shandong province will continue to be stable and sound, progress and improve the quality of the good situation.