Huang Sai, representative of Sanya 12345 government service hotline, answered 190 calls in 7 hours

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“12345, something to ask the government” into the office hall of Sanya 12345 government service hotline, wiring seat is a busy, the keyboard percussion continuously, the voice of the operator one after another.”You want to know the quarantine requirements from Shanghai to Sanya, right?”Huang Sai, the hotline representative, stared at the computer screen with her eyes glued to the screen and tapped her fingers on the keyboard at full speed, constantly asking and answering questions.Answering the hotline seems to be simple, but it requires “ear skill, mouth skill, brain skill, manual skill” and other abilities.Telephone representative Huang Sai is patiently answering calls from citizens.”When I first started this job, I would be anxious and a little panicked when I saw a phone call waiting.”Huang, 33 years old, has been working as a telephone operator for more than 3 years. It is by no means an easy thing to quickly identify the attribution of each event within a few minutes after receiving a call, and to distinguish which unit and which department should be connected.”For example, the requirements of epidemic prevention and control are changing every day, so we need to keep updated, and we need to pay close attention to the news of mainstream media on all kinds of policies and measures. Keep these contents in mind, so that when you talk more, you will naturally remember them. Practice makes perfect.”She said, from the first time when answering the phone in confusion, to now freely answer, only continuous learning and accumulation, can quantitative change to qualitative change.During the reporter’s hour with the class, she did not take a drink from the glass filled with water on the table.”In order not to affect the hotline, we do not dare to drink more water during working hours. First, we do not care about it. Besides, we need to apply for and queue for the toilet.”On her busiest days, Huang saixiao said she answered 190 calls in seven hours, an average of one every two minutes.The citizens who call every day have consultation, suggestions, complaints, problems are varied, huang Sai are patient to listen to the voice of the citizens, will inevitably encounter emotional citizens and tourists.”The first time I got a call like this, I was so angry that I stayed up all night.”Later, this kind of situation more, she learned to self-regulate, empathy.”When I’m in a bad mood, I watch videos of my son back home and forget all my troubles.”Huang’s six-year-old son is with his family in Henan province, and the happiest part of his day is making video calls with them.This Spring Festival, Huang Also received a surprise. Her family went to Sanya to spend the holiday with her. It was the first time she had been reunited with her family since she became a telephone operator.At 8 am on January 31, Huang finished her shift with her colleagues after working all night. She prepared a dinner to welcome the Year of the Tiger with her family.”In the New Year, I hope my family will be happy and healthy, and my son will grow up. I hope our hotline will become better and better, and the general public will give us more understanding. I will stick to my post and do a good job for you.”Source: Sanya Daily