“Spring Festival I am on duty” Spring Festival investigation drunk driving ji County traffic police do not close

2022-05-14 0 By

New Year, New Year and friends and relatives together, drinking to drink can, don’t be greedy!Don’t drink while driving.Don’t take any chances because……….During the Spring Festival, drunk driving and close Area of the road traffic order to ensure that during the Spring Festival, safe, orderly and smooth traffic, map of jixian normalized police to carry out scrutiny drunken driving drunk driving is serious traffic offence rectification action, stick to bat road “moment don’t loose”, adhere to the “investigation together, shock and awe”, have to check every day and every day.On the second day of the New Year, ji County traffic police all police on the road, to carry out drunk driving night inspection rectification action.During the operation, 2 cases of drunk driving were investigated, including 1 case without license and 1 case without license.In the next three, four, five and six days, we traffic police will continue to maintain a high pressure situation of strict inspection and strict control, and do our best to prevent and reduce road traffic accidents caused by drunk driving, so as to create a safe and orderly festival road traffic environment for the masses.Ji County traffic police remind you: friends and relatives together, do not want to drink, drive a drink, drive after forever sad.For your safety and responsibility, please refuse to drink and drive.