Strong dig!Barcelona are expected to sign AC Milan’s 48 million euro target, with the main player likely to move to Chelsea

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For Barca, laporta’s return to the team, despite the criticism, but from the operational level of the team, laporta’s work has achieved good results.It is reported that barca’s salary expenditure this season has been significantly reduced, the reduction of the amount of 159 million euros, the team’s financial situation has been significantly improved.As things stand, Barca will have 400 million euros in salary space next season, which will give them a lot more flexibility in the transfer market and help them sign some top-quality players to make the team competitive again.With Barcelona’s current squad, the team is not at its best on all three fronts.Up front, with the arrival of Aubameyang, they have luc de Jong and Aubameyang at centre-forward, as well as depay and Ferran Torres, who can guest star at centre-forward.However, objectively speaking, Luc de Jong is not capable of playing in the first team, he is only suitable for a role player.Aubameyang is highly expected, but the Gabonese striker has struggled in the first half of the season with his pace and finishing efficiency slipping.Whether Harvey can reactivate it remains to be seen.Depay is the team’s highest goalscorer so far this season, but with the right centre-forward, he seems to be more effective on the wing.It is a similar story with Ferran Torres, who is more suited to his skills as a winger than as a centre forward.In defence, Gerard Pique and Eric Garcia have been paired more often in central defence, although neither player has been particularly impressive.Among them, Pique is due to age issues led to a significant decline in athletic form, this season’s rating is only 6.87 points per game;Eric Garcia is only 21 years old, and his main problem is that he is not up to the level of the team’s leading players individually, with a fairly mediocre defensive performance in most games.Araujo has been more consistent, averaging 2.2 successful headers and 1.9 clearances per game, the second highest in the team.In this situation, Barca need a central defender of higher quality, kristensen and genter are on the team’s list of signings.In addition, on the wings, especially at left-back, Alba is 32 and showing signs of declining form.Xavi is reportedly eyeing Spain international gaea to sign him at the end of the season.The midfield position is the most outstanding position in Barcelona’s overall strength.In midfield, they have veterans such as Busquets and Roberto, young stars such as Frankie de Jong and young talents such as Pedrie and Garvey.Among the above players, Pedrie, de Jong and others are the most watched midfielders in European football, worth more than 70 million euros.However, the team’s midfield defense has been obvious problems.In terms of technical characteristics, busquets and Frankie de Jong are good passers, playmakers and playmakers, but their defensive ability is relatively mediocre, especially in terms of physical ability, and they often struggle against strong, fast attacking players.With the midfielders unable to hold their ground, the team naturally came under more pressure at the back.This is one of the reasons for the poor defensive quality of the team.To sum up, Xavi has always wanted a midfielder who is physically fit, mobile and covers a lot of ground.Barca are ready to make a move from AC Milan and have made contact to bring key midfielder Casey, worth 48 million euros, to camp Nou on a visa-free basis, according to dietsport transfer expert Juan Marty.In terms of technical characteristics, Casey has a very outstanding physical quality, excellent defensive and interception ability in the midfield, and good experience in attacking at the back. He has scored 5 goals in the league this season.It is understood that Casey has decided to refuse to extend his contract, creating good conditions for Barca to complete the transfer smoothly.Xavi has not been happy with Frankie de Jong, so if Casey is signed, he could choose to let de Jong go and use the money he gets to move on.Meanwhile, the contract talks for winger Moussa Dembele have been completed and both sides have confirmed that there will be no extension.Dembele will leave the club as a free agent when his contract expires at the end of the season, having not left in the past transfer window.Chelsea boss Tuchel is pushing his side to sign Moussa Dembele, according to Sky Sports news.Tuchel believes he is familiar with the French winger’s technical characteristics and that the latter can play a big role in the team’s tactical system.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)