The reaper sauron meets is not a sword spirit, but a real one. Raleigh was the last one to pass through the underworld

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One Piece King 1038 words, popular OP2 suolon, and not like Sanji can directly lie down, but continue to fall into a big crisis, perhaps this crisis, is suolon so far the most close to death.Because take zuo Wu island that kind of magic magic medicine, Sauron briefly full blood resurrection for the straw hat group to put together the ember this difficult to chew cake, also let us once again see the power of the wings of the Pirate King.But also because of the magic drug, the damage left by the combination of the two Kings and the damage in the melee with Embers, after stacking, began to multiply back to Sauron’s body, after all, is a human body, Sauron also fell into a coma after defeating EMbers.Awake again, sauron with a scythe first saw is coming towards him skeleton face death, it can turn sauron frighten not light, picture unquestioning, therefore the dried shrimp are made a lot of speculation about the death, the most esteemed should be yan magic sword spirit, after all it from yan showed nearly period of time, has not simply see it as an inanimate object,It’s no wonder that a ship has its spirit and a knife has its soul.But is that really the case? So far, It seems that Lao Bu is more inclined to believe that this reaper is actually a reaper from the underworld, based on three main points.One is that the grim Reaper’s appearance is traditional and doesn’t match yan’s temperament.Oda has done a series, that is the anthropomorphic tool, set the general appearance and OP most character temperament is consistent, in addition to the ugly, there is nothing strange place, I believe that if there is a knife yan’s spirit, looks in detail at anthropomorphosis should be similar to anthropomorphic style, sauron met the god of death, however, is a standardized image of death,There is no “ruffian energy” like Yan Yan.Second, the environment in which Sauron met death was not realistic. Before sauron fell into a coma, the environment he was in was a forest of rocks on the flat ground outside the ghost island. These traces were clearly shown in his battle with embers.In the confrontation with death in his environment, but deliberately erased these details, and all into smoke or virtual line, seen in this way, sauron now belongs to is not the real life, can be understood as a coma after enter the field of consciousness, understood as sauron or directly into the underworld, since it is in the underworld, and met a god of death has what good surprise.Three is that Raleigh never held the hades.Raleigh is one piece on generation ship group’s second in command, sauron is this generation is going to be in one piece, is not just a position similar to that of two people, other aspects have a lot of overlap, such as fellow jianhao, each have one eye has a obvious scar, and thunder name Pluto, is the master of the underworld, and sauron in battle with the state,It is also developing towards the title of the king of hell, is the master of the Eastern hell, it seems oda’s portrayal of Sauron, is completely in accordance with Raley’s set to unfold.He never held yan magic, his achievement title has nothing to do with yan magic and hades, reference now sauron in the god of death, we can bold speculation reilly as used in the dying stages as sauron entering a “underworld” and have the same death, he eventually overcome death soul return to ontology, thus obtains the title of hades.Of course, regardless of the true identity of death, haimi don’t need to worry about sauron’s life, as the second in command of the main group, Sauron has a long way to go to accompany Luffy.-end