When wild bacteria fragrance again season, we meet again in Yunnan?

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Yunnan rainy midsummer and early autumn season, is the mountain in the growth of wild bacteria most mowgli time.Yunnan people at this time, whether living in the mountains tiger family, or busy city people in the big city, will find a time into the mountains to pick fungus, fungus has a basic principle, that is the color of strange do not pick, or find a understand fungus to help you check, otherwise you are waiting to see the little man.Yunnan wild bacteria, in addition to a unique flavor, but also rich in nutrition.Wait until the next yunnan wild fungus fragrance season, let us get together yunnan again, ok?Yunnan wild fungus family, can eat hundreds of species, and the king of wild bacteria, is the legendary chicken abietylum.The taste of chicken fir is just like that of chicken, and the meat is tender and juicy. Whether it is cold chicken fir, or the legendary steamed chicken fir, it is the best among yunnan wild fungi.Besides chicken fir, there is matsutake.Matsutake is a valuable edible fungus not only in Yunnan but also in northeast China.Now the artificial cultivation technology of matsutake has been successful, and I believe that we will soon be able to taste matsutake with good quality and low price. Matsutake tastes delicious and has many benefits for the body. The Japanese royal family once offered matsutake as a tribute, which shows how precious matsutake is in Japan, where resources are scarce.In addition to these two kinds of wild fungi, yunnan’s wild fungi are mostly ordinary and rare.Smooth green head fungus, delicious see hand green, fresh bovine liver fungus, delicious yellow lai tou……Each time a wild fungus opens the door to a new world!What do you think?