Heyang Prosecutorial: Send law into thousands of people, rule of law propaganda to comprehensively help “three to the countryside” (photo)

2022-05-15 0 By

On April 1, the People’s Procuratorate of Heyang County organized police officers from the Third Procuratorial Department to participate in the “Heyang County 2022 Culture, Technology and health ‘Three To the countryside’ ‘Science and Technology Spring’ and Civilization Practice Volunteer Service month centralized demonstration activity” organized by the publicity Department of the County Party Committee, and carried out publicity activities of laws, regulations and policies in Lingquan Village of Fangzhen.Event issued publicity materials, set up the legal information desk, put the display boards to the people widely publicized their countryside, farmers, agricultural laws and regulations, careful answer they encounter in their daily life and production rights problem, especially when people care about social hot issues and problem involves the vital interests of the preaching and legal interpretation,And introduced the fight against Mafia and evil, public interest litigation and other relevant legal knowledge, to guide the peasants to abide by the law, study the law, abide by the law, the use of production and life in accordance with the law, promote the construction of civilized countryside.During the “three trips to the countryside” campaign, local people were given 2 boxes of epidemic masks, 10 barrels of alcohol disinfectant, 2 temperature guns, distributed more than 600 copies of various publicity materials on the rule of law, and provided 13 people with legal advice.This activity not only sent warm and loving epidemic prevention materials to the masses, but also sent them abundant legal spiritual food.Source: Heyang People’s Procuratorate Editor: Wang Qian