Hockey Junior Episode 4: Chen Che decides to return to the team

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Back home, Chen Che lay tossing and turning in bed, Shen Zhouzhou let him not fool himself, yes, this year in addition to go to the pet shop to earn money, all day to the dog hair bath, life did not grow, more can’t see where the future is.Coach Hu’s condition has stabilized, from the intensive care unit to the general ward, Shen Zhouzhou father know the news that his son came back from the United States, he did not blame Shen Zhouzhou, just urged him to return to the United States to continue training.Shen Zhouzhou bowed his head, in fact, he did not want to go back to the United States, the United States of the training ground have a master, there is no lack of his one existence.Hockey team coach position vacancy in the UN general assembly, cheerleaders hu bing to Alexander seek help, hope from Alexander there were a manager, and say hello Chen Che to school here, the UN general assembly, now he wants to enter the school hockey team, ice hockey team captain Qiao Mu know it’s been a year since he stopped training, don’t know what game rotten to the point, did not immediately answer.Chen Che to the pet shop owner to discuss, he can work at night, the salary can be reduced some, the pet shop owner did not embarrass him, but the salary was reduced by three quarters.Chen Che part-time job in the pet store, have a free time also look at the cultural classes, for failing, Shen Zhouzhou will choose the good test to her sister, let her sister help him with his lessons.Once, Shen Zhouzhou went to visit coach Hu, he told him in the coach’s ear, will help him keep the team.Chen Che smoothly through the standards into the team, as long as the test, then can officially return to the team, he took out Shen Zhouzhou gave him skates, excitedly told grandma the good news.Wearing a protective helmet again, put on skates into the training ground, Chen Che facing the warm sunshine, a sigh in his heart.The athletes of the United Nations are very curious to see the new player, Chen Che has not done practice for a long time, playing balloons to a little strange, watching people can not help whispering.Hu Bing is a loyal fan of Chen Che, she let the students not arrogant, a year ago the strength of Chen Che but a dozen ten.The results of the test are not satisfactory, the elder sister did not agree with Chen Che into the ice hockey team.Shen Zhouzhou watching also know the results, he quietly found the elder sister, hoping to give Chen Che a chance, Chen Che father repeatedly urged him to return home, Shen Zhouzhou turned a deaf ear.In the dead of night, Chen Che is very anxious, he has been waiting in the way of Joe Animal husbandry, begged Joe animal husbandry to give him another chance, Coach Hu is still in the hospital, Joe animal asked him when the team had thought of today.