How much do you know about tea?

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Build dream tea town blessed land Meitan Mejiang impression of life only a cup of good tea Mejiang impression of good tea impression of one hundred years of quality as Guizhou Tibetan specialty walk the world tea began each of us walk in the artistic conception of a tea so, you are in which level?Level 1 No tea no tea means no tea at all.Tea, has been regarded as one of the world’s three major drinks, tea is a national drink, and has the effect of health care, do not drink (except for objective conditions can not drink) it is a pity.The second dislike tea although can drink, but does not like tea.People who do not like drinking tea are mostly young people who are used to cola and other drinks. Tea is not exciting to them and takes time to make, so it is naturally not popular.The third layer is lazy tea drinking, I don’t hate drinking, but I’m lazy to take the time to sit down and make a pot of tea.Tea can clear the heart, the heart is not quiet, which have time to drink tea.The fourth layer of hidden tea will drink, also love to drink, but stingy, only want to hide themselves to enjoy alone.As the saying goes: it is better to be happy alone than to be happy together.On the fifth floor, merchants drink and love tea, but only offer good tea when it is profitable.The “beauty” here is not “good tea”, but beauty.It is only for the tea artisan who looks delicious in front of the flowing tea tray.Note, not tea, but consumption tea.Wake up tea Is a way to refresh your mind by drinking tea.The eighth rice tea is to drink tea can help digest the esophagus, enhance appetite.The ninth layer learns the tea pawn that tea calls, learns the true realm of tea.Someone once said that he would always be a student in front of tea. It is not that there is anything profound and difficult about tea, but that drinking tea is “outside tea”, just like “eating tea” in Buddhist koans.The tenth floor, the tea lovers, focuses on those who pursue tea.See tea, smell tea, taste tea, origin, age, tea characteristics can explain one by one.Eleventh-floor tea lovers are tea drinkers who are addicted to the true taste of tea.Do not find the source of tea, source, year, only to drink the real tea in their hearts.The twelfth tea addict is also called a tea master, who realizes the true realm of tea with practical actions.The thirteenth floor of the tea storm called tea mania, only to practice tea ceremony.This stage some go off the rails into the feeling of the devil, not careful is into the “crazy, greedy”.The fourteenth floor of long tea is called tea fairy, who is familiar with tea ceremony and samadhi.Just like in Tea Ceremony extremeyi: husband tea, in mind is not skill, in skill is not mind.Mind art two, then show blindly, is the wonderful way for tea.The fifteenth floor cherishes the tea that the tea is virtuous, cherishes the tea and cherishes the human feeling.Life, gains and losses, cherish the human also cherish the present.The 16th floor music tea is called the tea saint, has reached the tea worth mentioning, do not drink, to the tea current, carefree.The seventeenth floor view tea called tea, see tea is happy, do not have to drink.The 18th level of waste tea is called Nirvana tea. This realm can reach another realm with tea.Meijiang impression is beautiful Guizhou tea for thousands of years of inheritance of public rations Meitan hand-built dark tea Meijiang impression leading wechat account: MJYX68 microblog number: Meijiang impression