Mad thief

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At 9:11 am on January 30, 2022, the alarm phone of Xinglong police Station duty room of Taihe Branch of Jinzhou Public Security Bureau suddenly rang, and the police received a telephone alarm from Jinzhou China Resources Electric Power Security Department, saying that they found the stolen materials in the plant.Police immediately police, rushed to the scene to understand the case.It turned out that the staff of the security department of the power plant found during routine monitoring inspection that a man and a woman entered the hospital from a remote place in the northeast corner of the plant at around 11:00 on January 18, 2022, and then threw several woven bags suspected of containing iron pipes and wires over the wall and stole them.Suspects choose daytime crime, easy attitude, arrogance!And when the Spring Festival is near, the suspect is likely to take the opportunity to continue to commit crimes, the public security organ attaches great importance to, immediately organized police thunder attack.After the police arrived at the scene, through preliminary investigation, they found that there were obvious tricycle ruts outside the wall, surrounded by a 1.8-meter high wall, and the anti-theft grid was set above the wall. It was impossible for the suspect to climb over and enter from this position.Handling the case police seriously study and judge vehicle rutting track, preliminary determination of the direction.When continuing to investigate in this direction, it was found that there was one place that was not equipped with anti-theft grid and was surrounded by high mounds of earth, which was easy to climb, dozens of meters away from the scene and next to the wall to the nearby Tibetxi village.The police determined that the location is the suspect into the power plant yard location.Handling the case police immediately to power plant internal monitoring image investigation, careful police through multi-angle multi-azimuth comparison, there was a new discovery.It turns out that a man and a woman were not the only two people involved in the Jan. 18 burglary, but a third person was also involved, but could not be identified through surveillance video.The police immediately verified the identity of a man and a woman, visited nearby villagers, checked the surrounding video surveillance repeatedly, found out the identity information of the two people, and determined that the third person is inside the power plant.This is a typical case of internal and external collusion theft.The case is basically clear, the police immediately went to the suspect’s home will be a male and a female suspect Su and Cui captured.The surprise trial, two people on the implementation of the theft of criminal facts confessed, and confessed to another suspect Jiang mou (China Resources power maintenance department warehouse keeper), this hidden in the dark hypocrite finally appeared.After in-depth interrogation, the three men confessed to conspiring to steal iron articles from the hospital of China Resources Power Co., LTD for seven times from September 2021 to January 18, 2022.The gang has repeatedly stolen property from key national power enterprises, involving tens of thousands of yuan.At present, the three suspects were all detained by Taihe Branch of Jinzhou Public Security Bureau on January 31, 2022 on suspicion of theft, and the case is under further investigation.Source: Jinzhou Public Security Bureau Editor: Wang Dan Review: Hu Xiaoliang