Public institutions!Five insurances two fund + each subsidy + labor union welfare!

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To the society, because of work requirements, need to open recruitment side staff 2, will now matters related to notice the following: a, recruitment post editorial staff 2 post requirements: 1, full-time ordinary institutions of higher education, bachelor degree or above, and has set up a record of formal schooling and diploma, 35 years old and under, a reporter, editor, and new media, media experience is preferred;2. Major in news, Chinese, communication, choreography, animation, post production and other related majors, with solid skills in camera technology, animation, post production, text and short video production;3. Responsible for the planning, topic selection, news interview and short video production of media news, TV, newspaper, official account, Douyin and video account, and completed the tasks of topic selection and shooting, solicitation of contributions, completion of contributions, editing, official account and Douyin, etc.;4. Strong sense of dedication and mission, proactive, responsible and media professional ethics;5. Strong ability of news writing and short video production.Good at grass-roots front-line investigation and interview, can close to the people’s livelihood for communication, strong communication and coordination ability;6. Post editing positions should be equipped with skilled post editing skills, and be able to participate in news gathering and editing during holidays and night shifts;7, support the party’s basic line and principles and policies, with good political and ideological quality, law-abiding, with a strong organizational discipline concept, a good professional ethics.8. Living in Mawei urban area is preferred. Male applicants are recommended for front-line news reporting, business trip, night shift, etc.2. Management Mode The personnel employed shall adopt the labor dispatch system, and the probation period is 1-3 months. After the probation period, the personnel shall sign the labor dispatch contract with the Labor dispatch company of Mawei District, and be included into the payroll of the Media Center for unified management.1. The basic salary is 3000 YUAN.Basic salary can be adjusted every 3 years according to the working years and performance after assessment;2, performance salary: according to the monthly task completion situation between 1000-3000 yuan (no ceiling);3. Pay five insurances and one housing fund, enjoy annual bonus, lunch allowance, overtime allowance, paid leave, labor union and other benefits.1. Registration method: only accept email registration. The title and attachment of the email should be: Recruitment of media Center + name + mobile phone number.3. Application materials: Download and fill in the Application Form for Part-time Staff Recruitment of Mawei Rong Media Center;My ID card, diploma and scanned copy of my work.Applicants should be responsible for the authenticity of all the information provided. If it is found to be false, the applicants will be disqualified.4. After the materials are approved, the designated person will notify the time and place of the interview by phone.The interview will be unstructured.The candidate with the highest score in the interview will be hired after he/she has no objection and passes the examination and physical examination.5. After the interview, the probationary personnel shall provide the non-criminal record certificate issued by the local police station within 10 working days.