Spring flowers bloom, it is a beautiful season

2022-05-15 0 By

Willow leaf avenue blooming flowers in spring, it is a beautiful season, spring flowers contend.Every spring, we can always see a variety of flowers, they are intoxicating.Chrysanthemum can be seen in us all the year round, it is a good friend around us, it is not afraid of heat, not afraid of cold, in each season it will appear.It is spring, and the branches of the cherry trees are covered with a blaze of colour.I saw flowers small and exquisite, five or six gathered together to form a flower ball, a cluster of clusters crowded in the branches, stretching the long and narrow petals and wrapped in the stamens.Red maple, I always thought it was rendering the main melody of autumn, the main tone.In spring, it turned out to be so romantic, so charming, so generous, without a bit of stage fright.I can’t see that it has been wind, frost, snow and rain honed traces, it is not afraid of the world and the replacement of the season, the choice of efforts to brightly bloom the color of their own life.Flowers are blooming and the epidemic will surely pass. We can only wait and embrace the sunny days.(Photo/post @Wanliyun 1688)