The us state of Texas is suing Meta for illegally selling users’ biometric data, which could result in billions of dollars in fines

2022-05-15 0 By

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Monday that the state is suing social media giant Meta Inc, alleging that it violated state law by failing to disclose to state users that it was selling users’ biometric data, Sputnik news agency reported On Monday.”Today, I’m here to announce a lawsuit against Meta, also known as Facebook,” Paxton said at a press conference.By 2021, There were more than 20 million Facebook users in Texas.One of the company’s violations was not disclosing to consumers that they were obtaining biometric information about consumers, specifically facial features.”Meta allegedly sold the biometric data to third parties, paxton said, in violation of state law.He said Meta should have stopped collecting all biometric data for a short period of time, but it did not.Paxton added that Meta could face billions of dollars in fines as a result of the lawsuit.In November, Facebook announced it would stop using facial recognition amid growing public concern about the way the company was using the technology.”Regulators are still working on a clear set of rules governing its use,” Jerome Pesenti, Facebook’s vice-president of artificial intelligence, wrote in a blog post.Amid this ongoing uncertainty, we feel it is appropriate to limit the use of facial recognition to a narrow range.”(Editing: ZLQ)