Comrade Jin Runxi went deep into Pingyao County to investigate and guide the security work during the Spring Festival

2022-05-16 0 By

On the morning of February 2, Jin Runxi, party secretary of The Municipal Public Security Bureau and member of the Party Leadership group of jinzhong Municipal government, visited Pingyao County to investigate and guide the security work during the Spring Festival, accompanied by Feng Hui, deputy Party secretary of the municipal Public Security Bureau.In pingyao high-speed mouth checkpoints, field view the traffic JinRunXi comrade, detailed understanding of the epidemic prevention and control checkpoints run mode, inquired about police, auxiliary police on duty BeiQin and epidemic prevention and control measures to carry out the situation, strict inspection in accordance with the requirements for the epidemic prevention and control ZhaKong, warm warm and individual protection works should have done at the same time.In the ancient city of Pingyao, Comrade Jin Runxi inspected the implementation of security measures and the maintenance of tourist order in the south City Wall, Mingqing Street, Rishengchang and County Ya Gate, and the implementation of epidemic prevention measures in special shops.In the command center of the tourism police brigade, real-time scheduling of the flow of people in the ancient city and scenic spots through video monitoring, detailed understanding of the working mechanism and operation mode of coping with the peak tourist flow, and carefully inquired about the working mode of emergency force reserve and emergency handling.In pingyao county public security bureau command center, comrade JinRunXi through video key to view the travel channel overall road traffic order, the visitor center parking lot parking situation, listened to pingyao county bureau of the main measures taken by the security during the Spring Festival, understanding during the Spring Festival of JieChuJing alert to accept the situation, mainly on telecom network fraud industry in the whole process of disposal are studied, put forward the request.During the investigation, Comrade Jin Runxi put forward clear requirements for security work during the Spring Festival.First, we need to strengthen our ideological understanding and enhance our sense of responsibility and mission.It is necessary to strengthen risk awareness, strengthen bottom-line thinking, attach great importance to tourism safety work under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control, resolutely overcome the war-weary mentality, and spare no effort to ensure social stability and order.Second, to highlight cooperation, scientific and efficient work mode to do a good job in security work.We should pay close attention to the traffic flow and people flow, dynamically adjust the police deployment and working mode, further optimize emergency response, smooth linkage and coordination with the relevant functional departments of the county, ensure that a trigger, a multi-point response, the formation of joint work force, resolutely prevent congestion stampede and other accidents.Third, we must strictly enforce discipline and fully display the good spirit of public security organs.To strictly the work discipline, duty and off duty on time, to “I does the practical work for the masses” special activities for traction, constantly improve the alarm rate, the charge rate, to do a good job of tourist information to disabuse, want to do our best to resolve the visitors at the same time puts forward all kinds of help, let the masses of tourists feel convenient public security organs, enthusiasm and efficient service,Fully show the good image of jinzhong public security.End Jinzhong Public Security Bureau audit: Cheng Huipeng editor: Li Peng