Luohe car west station suspended operation

2022-05-16 0 By

Notice on the suspension of Luohe West Bus Station to the majority of operators and passengers:According to henan province continued to strengthen the demands, and epidemic prevention and control policies to prevent the spread of epidemic through transport and yard channel, to ensure that people’s lives and health, safety, and since March 24, my company by the luohe automobile west station to suspend business, luo river automobile west station to linying, wuyang, originating xiping high-speed bus stop,Now our company specially to the general operators and passengers to announce, please all walks of life to understand and support.At present luohe bus station, Linying bus station, Wuyang bus station normal operation, such as travel needs, please advance through luohe travel, Linying travel and Wuyang travel public number query the latest bus frequency open and stop information, so as not to bring inconvenience to your trip.Hereby announce!Luohe Hongyun Automobile Transportation Group Co., LTD. March 23, 2022