The Shaanxi-Beijing Fourth line Hohhot Natural gas distribution station was put into trial operation

2022-05-16 0 By

Recently, with the slow opening of the valves of shaanxi-Beijing Fourth-line Hohhot natural gas distribution station, trial operation of the station has been realized.Start-up, commissioning on site according to prepare in advance production plan strictly implement each operation such as natural gas displacement, and, in turn, has completed 1 million mpa, 3000000 mpa, 5000000 mpa, 7000000 mpa to operation pressure of stepwise booster work rule, handling leakage point in time, to ensure that the natural gas quality and efficient to Hohhot.The design pressure of Hohhot natural gas sub-transmission station is 12 mpa, and the design maximum annual natural gas transmission capacity is 1.83 billion cubic meters.On December 14, 2021, Hohhot gas distribution project is physically connected with No. 21 valve chamber of Shaan-Beijing Line 4.”We will deliver natural gas safely and smoothly according to the requirements of the distribution and transmission system, relieve the tension of winter peak gas consumption in Hohhot, help build a double-source and double-channel gas transmission pattern in the capital region, and add new impetus to the local green development.”State pipe network group Beijing pipeline company Inner Mongolia branch concerned person in charge pointed out.(Reporter Lee Yongtao)