@everyone, the Spring Festival holiday is over, it’s time to relax!

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Today is February 6th, and the 2022 Spring Festival holiday has come to an end.Beam!!Xiaobian here has a set of post-holiday methods to let you quickly find the state of “full blood resurrection” please check!➤ The first trick: psychological hints can do some psychological hints, tell yourself that the Spring Festival holiday is over, meditation about the future work arrangements, the state of mind to adjust to the normal working state.Of course, don’t give yourself too much pressure, avoid anxiety, fear.Take 30 minutes of light exercise, such as jogging or walking.Sports can not only make people feel happy, but also eliminate fatigue and refresh the mind, which can effectively help regulate the mental state.Try to avoid exciting events such as parties.Call a friend to chat and make plans to get together again.While you can’t go out to parties, you can stay at home or go to a coffee shop to listen to music or read a favorite book.If there’s a library or bookstore nearby, it’s a good idea.Take a hot bath at night and try to get to bed before 11 o ‘clock to get enough sleep.Before going to bed do not let the brain over excited, can play light music or drink a cup of hot milk to help sleep.Last but not least, set your alarm clock before you go to sleep.The rush hour on the first day of work is bound to snarl traffic of all kinds.In order to avoid being late and anxious, it is recommended that you set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual.Of course, after a good first day at work, holiday symptoms such as poor appetite, slow reaction time, lack of concentration and low productivity will gradually go away, not in a day.There are still three adjustments to be made in the coming week. First, adjust the biological clock. During the seven-day holiday, it is difficult to eat and sleep on time.Once you get back to work, tune your body clock first.Go to bed early and wake up early every day, even if it doesn’t work out.Two, adjust the workload after the holiday back, there are new tasks and things to deal with, do not worry at this time, the first attitude adjustment is more important.Don’t put too much pressure on yourself for the first three days and choose something more manageable to buffer your physiology.Mental adjustment Mental adjustment must be made immediately, and it is mandatory.Can use up the body’s excess capacity through exercise, so as to obtain more new vitality.Let’s quickly adjust our mentality and mood, roll up our sleeves and work hard, and continue to move forward towards our small goals!End of the long vacation natural and unrestrained let us return to their own work to do a riveting foot “tiger strength” struggle!(Source/Qinghai Daily)