Comedy!Booker foul Paul looks helpless, dream chasing bizarre mistake Paul laughs!

2022-05-17 0 By

The NBA regular season continues today, with the phoenix SUNS visiting the Golden State Warriors.In the end, the SUNS edged out the Warriors without Curry, but both teams made all sorts of bizarre last-minute mistakes that were hilarious comers.Even without Curry, the Warriors aren’t afraid of the west’s no. 1 Phoenix SUNS, after beating the East’s no. 1 Miami Heat without Curry in one game.The SUNS went on a 12-2 run, but the Warriors got back on the lead under Poole, and the rest of the game was very tense, with leads alternating and booker and Green’s jolly comic mode coming into the final minute.Booker fouled Poole, who made two free throws with 54.9 seconds left before Poole was an offensive threat, making it 99-100.On the SUNS ‘next move, Booker missed a midrange shot. Booker grabbed the backboard and fouled Poole, who made two free throws to give the Warriors a 101-100 lead.It’s worth noting that After booker’s foul, Paul looked at booker like he was a fool.Bridges also put his head in his hands and didn’t understand booker’s foul.Yang Jian and Su Qun, the commentators of the game, also said that Booker’s foul was stupid, and the warriors had already had three men stuck in the basket, so they couldn’t get it.It is a measure of Booker’s youth.It’s worth noting that Curry, standing on the sidelines, also smiled as Poole executed the free throw.But Curry didn’t expect him to laugh too early, and then Thompson and Green also played comedians!Klay Thompson fouled Booker, who was off the ball, with 34.2 seconds. Booker made both free throws to give the SUNS a 102-101 lead.The highlight came when, on the next possession, the Warriors dribbled the ball, green dribbled it up, missed the ball, and made a mistake so ridiculous that Paul had to laugh at the play, probably thinking: What the hell.Paul followed with a floater to give the SUNS a three-point lead.The SUNS beat the Warriors 107-103.