Farewell pet, thousands of yuan to deal with “things after death” value

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With the gradual integration of the pet industry chain, the “afterlife” of pets has become a key link.On March 31, sanxiang Metropolis Daily learned that at present, there are a wide range of pet funeral services on the market in Changsha, including bathing, cremation, making life souvenirs, holding ceremonies and so on.Usually a set down, the cost from 399 yuan to more than 5,200 yuan.In 2015, the first pet funeral company appeared in Changsha. Now seven years have passed, is the industry still in a mixed state?Are there industry regulations and standards?S sansho metropolis daily reporters BuLan intern Wang Pu video BuLan visit: there are stores a month can receive 60 customers flower beds, wooden coffin, soothing music, lower back, March 31, changsha near the lake a pet pet service co., LTD., a compound, miniature coffin lay about a meter long a puppy, a small memorial service is being held.”Many owners now choose to say goodbye to their pets in a more dignified way.We have four packages, each of which includes pet body collection, body cleaning, farewell ceremony and cremation.”The 399 yuan package is for small pets weighing less than 1 kg, such as hamsters, birds or fish, said Ms Wen, head of Yichao Pet Service Co LTD.Pets weighing more than 1 kg will be divided into 6 different prices according to their weight, and the price will increase by 200 yuan for each step up, ranging from 499 yuan to 2,399 yuan. “The best sales are 499 yuan packages, sometimes more than a dozen orders can be sold in a month, and the services and supplies contained in packages can meet the needs of most customers.””Many customers will choose the 1,699 yuan Heavenly Pole package, which sells 18 portions a month.The package includes 30 kilometers in the city for body collection and intensive cleaning, and the store needs about 60 customers a month who have lost their pets.”Tianai packages start at 499 yuan, Tianji packages at 1,699 yuan and Tianpet packages at 5,200 yuan, said Ms. Li at the Changsha branch in China.All three packages require an additional cremation fee based on the pet’s weight: 500 yuan for less than 2 kg and 2,600 yuan for 45-50 kg.The pet funeral industry has had its moment of glory in recent years, but for most cities, it’s still a gray area.According to Chumcha, as of November 2020, there were more than 1,200 new pet funeral-related enterprises in China, up 447% year on year, and already more than the sum of the historical growth of related enterprises.In terms of geographical distribution, Hunan province has the largest number of pet funeral enterprises with 495, followed by Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other provinces with 73, 56 and 44 related enterprises, respectively.”But even now, the pet funeral industry is still a mixed bag.”In the opinion of the person in charge of changsha 51youpet shop, the industry lacks specialized supervision departments, the entry threshold is low, and the funeral price lacks unified standards.Cremation and burial, tree burial, making life souvenir, held a ceremony, funeral store way is different, the charge is also completely different, “will appear even wild speculations, many businessmen to pet body discarded, refused to pet owners field to watch all the services, will be a pet ashes to b pet owners and other bad behavior.”Observation: To create a legal market for the industry, to establish professional standards for pet morticians, to bid farewell to wild development, pet mortician industry standards and other issues must be resolved.Xu Huihao, a doctor at the School of Veterinary Medicine of Southwest University, said the healthy development of the pet funeral industry depends on whether there are relevant regulations governing the disposal of pet carcaries.Only by introducing relevant policies and regulations for pet funeral, perfecting the reporting system of pet corpse disposal, and tracking and managing the final destination of the corpse with legal constraints, can the pet funeral industry gain a legal market.”The qualifications of pet morticians also need to be unified, and professional standards and corresponding training and examination procedures need to be established.”Mr. Mo, who has been engaged in the pet funeral industry for more than ten years, believes that industry standards will not only bring about the development of relevant industries, but also promote the development and maturity of pet mortician and other professions. “In terms of pricing, there needs to be a unified standard, a reasonable floating space needs to be clear, and at the same time, there should be severe punishment for the behavior of asking for excessive prices.”