How strange was the family of Duke Huan of Qi: a high position but a loss of integrity, comparable to today’s ethics drama

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“The spring night is short and the sun rises high, and the king never comes early.” Many Kings indulging in pleasure were fond of women, but Duke Huan of Qi was so fond of women that it was rare in ancient and modern times, and could be called “a school of his own”.Duke Huan of Qi was not a completely ignorant and incompetent person. On the contrary, he made great achievements in his youth. He led The State of Qi to become the first overlord of the Central Plains during the Spring and Autumn Period.However, this glorious resume did not last. In his later years, Duke Huan of Qi turned to the other extreme — the desire for luxury and extravagance.Duke Huan of Qi’s change was probably related to his family environment. There were many cases of moral corruption, even incest among his brothers and sisters.After Guan Zhong’s death, Duke Huan of Qi appointed Three Treacherous Ministers.Guan Zhong was the main guide for Duke Huan of Qi to achieve hegemony. Before the appointment of Guan Zhong as prime minister, Qi was not strong enough to dominate the world, and even had many problems due to years of infighting. However, after the appointment of Guan Zhong as prime minister, Qi’s national strength rose rapidly.To the Duke huan, Guan Zhong was of great importance. However, Guan Zhong was also an ordinary man, limited by life and death. Unfortunately, Guan Zhong died before The Duke huan.Before his death, Guan Zhong recommended someone to replace him and advised the duke to stay away from the three treacherous ministers.Huan Gong heard only half of Guan Zhong’s last words. Indeed, he appointed his replacement as prime minister, but he did not alienate the three treacherous ministers whom Guan Zhong had been wary of: Yi Ya, Li Diao, and Kai Fang.They did not care about the affairs of the state or their families. They would do anything to make Duke Huan happy and get a reward for them.When a king is close to such a minister, the people will surely suffer untold sufferings, even those around the three treacherous ministers will not be spared.For example, Yi Ya learned that Duke Huan was fond of delicious food and wine. So he searched for delicious food and kept offering them to Duke Huan.Duke Huan of Qi refused to accept any tribute from Yi Ya, including the gravy made by His own son. The duke was very happy to drink it and rewarded Yi Ya.Compared with Yi Ya, The actions of Qi diao and Kai Fang were somewhat inferior: Qi Diao was a eunuch who often fawned over huan Gong of Qi for his power.In order to preserve his wealth and status, he did not return home even when his parents died, regardless of anything else.On the surface, the acts of Vertical Diao and kaifang did not seem serious. But Duke Huan’s obedience to Vertical Diao made him indulge his desires even more.According to the moral standards of the ancients, The behavior of Kaifang was very bad. Moreover, in order to keep his glory and wealth, he refused to leave The side of Duke Huan of Qi. Of course, he also did many other things.If the Duke was determined, he would not have acted too far even with these three treacherous ministers. But the Duke had three hobbies, each of which was almost abnormal.They were hunting, drinking and womanizing.In fact, these three hobbies are not uncommon, the history of Kings also had many people like the same hobby, but a little different from others.He was fond of hunting and intemperate, and would stay out till dark before coming home;He was fond of wine, and was always drunk, with delicacies;He loved women, even his sisters in the family.Especially good women, very prominent, in the folk wind is also the biggest.As the emperor, Duke Huan of Qi would have been accepted by the public even if he had been more lascivious. However, Duke Huan of Qi did not show any restraint, and almost every beautiful woman he saw could not escape.When duke Huan took a fancy to them, no one could escape, no matter whether it was a married woman or a daughter of a boudoir he met on the road.It is said that Duke Huan of Qi once came across a beautiful woman in the street, and immediately called her to the car, while the street with the beautiful woman zhou Gong ceremony.In fact, the fact that Duke Huan of The State of Qi behaved so badly had a great deal to do with the general atmosphere within the family. There were few people who were really innocent.In fact, in ancient times, there were often some violations of the ethics of the royal family, but it is very rare that the royal family reached the level of Duke Huan’s family.Growing up in such a family, Duke Huan of Qi could not have been immune to any influence, so his excessive lust is not hard to understand.There was an illegitimate incestuous relationship between duke Huan’s brother and his own sister, and they almost never concealed this relationship, which was very publicized in the palace of qi.Facing such a child, the duke’s father felt helpless. Unwilling to see his children go on like this forever, he decided to marry her off.Finally, the duke’s father married his daughter to the duke of Lu, thus separating them thousands of miles from each other.Unfortunately, the good times did not last long, while returning to visit the opportunity, the brother and sister rekindled, and even killed the king of the State of Lu, because the king of the state of Lu found their affair.As the wife of the sovereign of the state of Lu, the woman knew that she would inevitably come to a bad end when she returned to the state of Lu.Fortunately, the state of Lu was not strong, and the act of killing the sovereign of Lu was not blatant, so the state of Lu had to endure this bad temper.In addition to the brother and sister, duke Huan had another sister, who had also been married by their father to the king of another state. This woman’s story was even more turbulent. She had married her father and her son in succession, thus preserving the marriage relationship between Qi and the state, but this experience made her very bad reputation among other states.Given the sordid affairs of the King of Qi’s house, the royal family has a bad reputation in other countries. Although there are some cases of promiscuity in other countries, the number of scandals is nothing like that of the Qi royal family.In fact, the royal family of The State of Qi chaos so far, and then the background of The Times can not be separated from the relationship.The Spring and Autumn Period was the period when the rites and music of the Zhou royal family collapsed, and the rites and music system lost its binding force on all countries. Although some countries tried to regain the rites and music system, the final result was failed.The state of Qi was a big country among the vassal states, but the royal family was in such chaos, which shows the general atmosphere of the Spring and Autumn Period. It was precisely because the rites and music of this period collapsed to a certain extent that the chaos of the Warring States Period appeared.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!