The Chinese women’s ice hockey team won its first victory at the Winter Olympics.Good team China!

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The Chinese women’s ice hockey team competes against the Czech Republic in the first game of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games at 12:10 PM on February 3, 2008.This competition, the winter Olympic hockey arena hall fluorescent stick can change 256 colors, the audience seats in 7000 are installed, this scene is also too cool.It was also the return of Chinese women to the Olympic Games after a lapse of 12 years.In the end, The Chinese team lost to the Czech Republic 3-1.But how could the Chinese team be discouraged?Today, February 4th, at 12:10 p.m., China will play its second opponent, Denmark.Chinese team ushered in the first victory, millions of Chinese people cheered for this, excited hearts can not extricate themselves, China’s rise.The highlight of the match came at the end, when China team beat Denmark by scoring two goals in the last minute!What a wonderful scene! Congratulations!The Chinese women’s ice hockey Team!First women’s ice gold medal at the Winter Olympics in 12 years!Come on, hold on, we can do it on February 6th!