Warm heart guard!They specialize in epidemic anxiety in Putuo.

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“Put down your cell phone, stay away from the Internet, and be aware of your emotions.”On March 11, a cloud class titled “Coping with anxiety under the epidemic situation” received a record number of viewers.Shanghai has seen a wave of “backward cold” of the epidemic. Various comments and news have made some residents flustered, causing a lot of anxiety and anxiety.Strengthening psychological counseling in a timely manner to ease people’s “epidemic anxiety” is also an important part of winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control.Cloud classes, psychological hotlines, and mental health “protection walls” will be built. “We will advise those who are quarantined to keep a regular schedule and give themselves some positive psychological hints. For those who are involved in epidemic prevention and control, it is difficult to measure the psychological pressure they face in a working environment where they are easily infected every day.They are therefore often advised to relieve anxiety through abdominal breathing, emotional expression, etc.”Zhou Guoquan, vice president of Putuo District Mental Health Center and chief psychiatrist, introduced the psychological adjustment of different groups of people to the general public in the “cloud classroom”. Many citizens left comments below and gained a lot.Learned, “cloud putuo district mental health class” is from putuo district mental health center, east China normal university psychological and cognitive sciences, putuo district psychological consultant association and other professional psychological consultants around home quarantine protection, how to reduce anxiety, such as subject, in the form of cloud classroom, enhancing citizens psychological barriers of epidemic condition.”The biggest feature of ‘Cloud Classroom’ is full of dry goods, and each session can meet the needs of different groups.”According to the person in charge of putuo District Volunteer Association, “Cloud Classroom” is updated every Wednesday and Friday, and the second phase of “Home movement” has been recorded.Improve parent-child relationship, they warm heart guard affected by the epidemic, the third grade of small tao after school time at home addicted to online games, and even due to inappropriate parental discipline, resulting in small tao dissatisfaction with their parents, and even attack their mother.After understanding to this situation, the “love house” psychological counseling volunteer service consultant of studio volunteers invited parents and small now up to a “reasonable access to the Internet, health game” family education of public courses, for parents to understand the psychological motivation behind the children addict network game, adjust the small tao between parent-child communication with parents, improve the parent-child relationship.After communication, Xiao Tao’s parents learned to think from the perspective of their children and chose a more gentle way to communicate with xiao Tao.Small tao also reduced the time of network game, study result rises somewhat, from a provoking headache “naughty bag” became a pleasing “lovely peach”.However, relying on the practice of civilization, voluntary service positions, putuo has forged an alliance of wanli street public mental health help each other, “not love house” psychological counseling volunteer service studio, putuo district mental health center studio “spiritual home” and so on eight psychological counseling room, the area of the 44 people formed a psychological health new era civilization practice of volunteer service corps.These professional psychological counselors from the district mental health center, district Psychological Counselors Association, district primary and secondary school psychological health education center……Based on their own strengths, they have actively carried out volunteer service activities such as psychological counseling.Seventeen-year-old Lily is always in grief because of her grandfather’s death. She rarely goes out for the reason of the epidemic and gradually isolates herself from the society.Know the situation, “love house” psychological counseling volunteer service consultant of studio volunteers with rational emotional therapy method, to help find the right emotional outlet, lily learn correct to adjust their emotions, relieve her because my grandfather died of psychological trauma and hearing impairment to bring negative emotions, at the same time encourage lily to participate in volunteer service,Discover her own value and ability, enhance her confidence, improve her ability to communicate with others.Now, Lily has bravely stepped out of the house to start her internship…In the counseling room, stories like this are updated every day.”Counsellors from the Volunteer Mental Health Service team will regularly visit changfeng, Changshou and Zhenru street towns to provide counselling services.”The person in charge of the Putuo District Volunteer Association introduced that in order to knit the psychological counseling service network, with the cooperation of various parties, the station service was carried out. “According to the latest requirements of epidemic prevention and control, psychological counseling rooms are now changed to telephone counseling, but isolation is not separated by love, and telephone lines can also transmit positive energy.”It is reported that since March 1, 8 psychological counseling rooms and 1 district mental health new era civilization practice volunteer service team in Putuo District have conducted online psychological counseling 134 times.Positive and optimistic mood, healthy attitude, is also a strong immunity.In the face of the epidemic, the volunteers of these psychological counseling groups hold up the “soul” protection umbrella of the people with their faith strength and professional knowledge, spreading warmth and gathering strength.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn