Ah shuai barefoot running, the teacher wearing a gas mask!

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Hello, everyone, welcome to Dayantian comics, I am the author of dayantian take you into the world of comics.Fairness is a sociological term. In law, fairness is one of the basic values pursued by law.What funny thing happened today, we are looking forward to, xiao Yuan every time and other people eat food clip imperceptibly can clip to the opposite of the bowl, throw darts easily all ten rings, but the hand long also has shortcomings,See small yuan a face of pain said, “you will never experience walking accidentally stepped on their feet of pain” small Yuan teacher easily put a failure and big face younger sister two people together held up, big face younger sister sighed, “Yuan teacher is really strong ah” a failure unconvinced said, “that have what, a small skill!””Can you hang two, too?” asked the big-faced sister.”I can too,” ah Shuai pursed her lips and easily hung up the two chicken legs.Ok, this period of the cartoon is here, next period see you want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to big every day cartoon ah failure grandma for a failure to find a big face younger sister, which know ah failure was beaten more miserable!A decline and big face sister of the end of the tour, but finally in the wilderness survival!