Hong Wang, director of Jinan Education Bureau, wishes students, parents and educational colleagues a happy New Year!

2022-05-19 0 By

Happy New Year to my fellow students, parents, friends and educators: As the New Year begins, everything looks new.Today is New Year’s Eve, ON behalf of jinan Education Bureau, I wish you a happy New Year and say “Happy New Year” to you.At this moment, perhaps you are sitting around with your family, lift chopsticks to raise a glass, chat about the daily life, v. v. aspirations, enjoy a rare reunion time.For teachers, parents and students, every step of the footprints left in 2021, or through the wind and rain, or singing a victory, or carrying a heavy load, or born to the sun, for your dream, mission, responsibility, you have worked hard, touched the temperature of education, achieve the thickness of life.I hope you can keep your joy through tears, embrace and grow beyond regrets, and become more firm through ups and downs. Thank you and praise yourself for working hard for a year.At this moment, there are some people, or duty unattended in his post, or because the outbreak block the way home, or to work life far from home, or to dream still fighting in the library, laboratory, office buildings, salute to you, also bless you and your family, although separated by time and space, still miss each other, warm each other, have a good New Year’s day, have a good year.On the way of education and growth, each of us is a participant, an experiencer, a witness and a harvester.The so-called self-cultivation, family harmony, governance and world peace, with dreams and expectations, all efforts and persistence, are to meet a better self, achieve a better China, light up their own future, light up the future of the country.In the New Year, may we get closer to our dreams, live up to time, have a bright future and a promising future.Executive Deputy Secretary of Municipal Education Working Committee Secretary of Party Group and Director of Municipal Education Bureau January 31, 2022