Mei Ting sun photo in memory of Leslie Cheung, was dropped out of the drama by brother warm heart encouragement, now become a national heroine

2022-05-19 0 By

Today, mei Ting, a famous actress, shared a series of photos on social media to commemorate Cheung, with the caption “Missing my brother”.Instantly caused the attention of many netizens.Mei Ting posted a still from her film Red Lovers with Leslie Cheung.In the photo, Cheung is elegantly dressed in a dark coat, gazing out of the window, leaving only a gloomy profile, while Mei Ting is also very attractive, wearing the same color coat as Cheung and a checked scarf on her head.A pair of big eyes looking at Leslie, very gentle.More than 20 years ago, the photo has slightly yellowed, but it is full of the sense of The Times, the atmosphere is full.Imperceptibly, brother has gone for nearly 20 years, Mei Ting can as always commemorate Cheung Guorong every year, this friendship is rare.As many cheung fans know, mei Ting was a new actress with far less experience than Cheung when she acted with him, and The Red Lovers was the first film that Mei Ting starred in.And Leslie cheung in the drama played a pair of lovers, in take sport MeiTingYou many plot understand enough in place, and Leslie cheung will take the initiative to teach the shooting skills, will also bring her own boil soup to drink, in an interview with the media, even said always look at mei ting as his sister, will give her all kinds of gifts, brand glasses, said zhang ziyi was very envy mei ting.And in the film when Mei Ting is in water depth in hot, she to be able to play TV drama “north story”, fall out with in drama, because in drama regulation, Mei Ting as a freshman, cannot go out acting, Mei Ting angry, choose to drop out.Perhaps it is Zhang Guorong when Mei Ting is the most difficult, care and encouraging Mei Ting, just can let Mei Ting is deeply nostalgic for him all the time.Fortunately, Mei Ting did not live up to Leslie cheung’s carefully taught, the film broadcast ratings skyrocketed, as the leading actress Mei Ting won the international film festival “best actress Award”, after mei Ting seems to hang general, with “Don’t talk to strangers”, let her become a national actress, won numerous awards.I hope Mei Ting can achieve further success and bring more excellent film and television works to the audience.