Wenzhou municipal Party Committee and municipal Government issued New Year’s greetings to wenzhounese all over the world

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Today is the 24th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar “xiaonian”, filling the air in the smell of the more and more thick.Hearts together, is reunion.On the occasion of the Coming of the Spring Festival, Liu Xiaotao, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee, and Zhang Zhenfeng, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and acting mayor, on behalf of CPC Municipal Committee and municipal government, sent a New Year’s letter of condolence to all villagers and wenzhou businessmen, extending New Year greetings and best wishes to them.
The year 2021 is a milestone year in the history of our Party and country, the letter said.Ou Yue earth chunhua autumn, abundant old things, writing a new chapter of thick and heavy color development.Every change in The land of Wenzhou is the result of concerted efforts and common struggle of wenzhou people both inside and outside. It embodies the wisdom and contribution of the majority of township sages and businessmen outside wenzhou.Whether it’s to prevent waves of outbreaks, or to prevent risk after risk;Whether it is the return of wenshang and Wenzhi, or major events such as the World Young Scientists Summit and the “Two Health” Forum in the new era:Whether it is to promote the improvement of urban function quality, or to accelerate the development of mountain areas and counties, all the villagers and the majority of wenzhou businessmen have never been absent, we have always been the master of the enthusiasm, the main force of the contribution of wisdom, matchmaking, writing the wonderful legend of strong Wenzhou with one heart and one mind.At this moment, sincerely to you: thank you for your hard work!The year 2022 is the year of the 20th CPC National Congress, and also the 20th anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s earnest enmission to “continue the history of innovation” in Wenzhou.On realizing the second goal of the new campaign in one hundred, as the most hope you forever will be home this hot solid rear, staying in the hometown of the patriotic love party a naked, yong when service build new development pattern, promoting the development of reform and opening up innovation, feedback the hometown construction otherwise, promote more resources, projects, talents in hometown, the written history of innovation, hand in hand to walk road of rich,Together with the hometown to the future, with excellent results to meet the party’s twenty victory held!Source: Wenzhou News Broadcast Preliminary editor: Ye Wei Chief Editor: Ye Hong Review: Director Fu Jian Supervisor: Chen Taicang Supervisor: Chen Yiquan Chen Xiyu Chief Supervisor: Chen Zhenshi recommended reading ↓↓↓