Zhonghe Technology fell more than 6%, infrastructure ETF (159619) fell more than 1%

2022-05-19 0 By

Zhonghe Technology fell more than 6%, North International, Yanhua intelligent and other shares followed the decline, infrastructure ETF(159619) fell more than 1%, the turnover of more than 19 million yuan.According to the prediction of China Merchants Real estate research team, this year China’s real estate sales area, investment growth should also be v-shaped, the former should be a digit negative growth, the latter should be a digit positive growth.These indicators are likely to move in a better direction with more support policies now likely.In terms of infrastructure investment, we have seen sustained growth in special bonds for two or three quarters and year-on-year growth in project approvals. It is estimated that the growth rate of infrastructure investment for the whole year may be above 5%.