3 good-looking and warm-blooded wuxia xianxia cool text, male all the way xiu Xian growth record, bookworm see addiction

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Hello everyone, xiaobian to recommend good articles to you, today is recommended for you is the martial arts, martial arts was once a prosperous style, until today is still a very popular classification.So today xiaobian will give you a few classic works first :3 good-looking and warm wuxia Xianxia cool text, male hero all the way xianxuan growth record, bookworm see addiction first: “Xianxuan Biography” author: Guyin introduction: Xianxuan sword in hand, cut god flag cover the sky.Out of the ruins of the young, one step to god grave and fairy burial, god eyes dongtian, between the palm, a tripod boil out a fate eternal life!Wonderful content: Wu Yan was sealed medicine teacher received as true disciples of the news, with the return of the deacon hall to hand over the task of Yang Hong and Niu Chuang two people’s propaganda, get the entire Iron Sword alliance know.A lot of people are big sigh Wu Yan this boy walked dog excrement luck, actually can get seal elder favor.There are also a lot of people sigh with emotion, this boy later training up, won’t it be very abnormal?Feng elder, that is the medicine master who can make this kind of pill.This kid takes juqi Dan every day to eat jelly beans, even if he is a fool, won’t he soon become a qigong sword master?Master Feng had received several named disciples before.Those disciples, in just two years, became the best young disciples in Mongolia.Unfortunately, perhaps the monk was too strict with them, and those disciples could not bear it. They all quietly escaped from the Iron Sword Alliance and disappeared.As a result, the elder feng’s temper became even more eccentric.At ordinary times, in the general altar of the Iron Sword Alliance, all his disciples were both respectful and afraid to see him.Rumors outside, Wu Yan is now do not know.However, these days, thousands of grass valley can really come to a lot of people want to watch.Everyone wanted to see what the lucky kid looked like.But, since the seal medicine teacher received Wu Yan as a disciple of zhenchuan, thousands of grass outside the valley more than two guard the mouth of the cold youth.As soon as everyone saw them, they could only leave in fear.These two guys, but inside the hall famous “lonely mountain four swords” two of them.”Xiao Han Jian” Lu Chunyang, “pick star sword” Hua Chunsheng.Heard, “gu Shan four swords” the other two, “mo Yun jian” You Chun Peng and “fly huang Jian” Qin Chunyu, was also sent to guard qiancao Valley.The four swords are on duty as gatekeepers for the elder Feng.If said the day before everyone was surprised to wu Yan became the true disciple of the pharmacist, now see the “lonely mountain four swords” should give them when the guard, feel very shocked.The four swords and three masters of iron Sword League are the most outstanding young masters among the younger generation of disciples.They were able to be the gatekeeper, it seems that feng Medicine man must have made use of his special status in the Iron Sword League.Two brothers, Wang Bai and Wang Feng, stood more than ten feet away from the mouth of Qiancao Valley, staring at two indifferent young men with uncertain looks.(click below free reading) the second: “catching stars from the origin of the department” author: Month pass introduction: two in the shadow of old family to warm the youth, yearning for the legend of the immortal Penglai.The magicians came, and the stars and stones cast tripods, awakening their hidden power in the body, and awakening a desire they had never had before.Quarrelling brothers, quarrelling friends, divided crowds and chaos in China!- Is this power an opportunity for liberation or the temptation of the devil?Taishan tripod burning, star yao East China Sea;Luoyang treacherous, the heart ghost;Chang ‘an worship, bronze tears!His life practice of the concept, the foundation of the chief;He went abroad with confusion and expectation to establish Penglai group.On the mountain road, Zhou Tianxing three people along the mountain road, du if physical strength has been obviously not support, Zhou Tianxing took her hand, Qin Ze mat, three people are at the end of a spent force.At a distance of more than a hundred paces, Wang Qi led dozens of sword-wielding generals, as well as the warriors who had taken refuge with the Wang family, in hot pursuit.Qin Ze was carrying a man in his hand. When he saw a man in front of him, Qin ze shouted and hit a “reverse horse gun”. The man in the man’s nose was stuck in the man’s shu.With a wild cry, the ranger’s whole nose collapsed, tears, snot and blood gushed out.He clutched his face with both hands and breathed in pain. The ring bow knife he had been carrying had gone somewhere.Three more rangers took the opportunity to jump over. Zhou Tianxing let go of Du Ruo and split the knife in his hand. Qin Ze took advantage of the fact that he had a inferior body and swept past.When the chariot drove to the mountain road of Tian Zhong Shan, it was violently tossed and its speed slowed down. It was chased up by the wangs who rode on horseback and tore the chariot to pieces on the spot with the claws of flying tigers. Zhou Tianxing had to abandon the chariot and fled to the mountain with Qin Ze and Du Ruo.The three have fought and walked, and arrived here exhausted.Qin Ze used iron duo to smash another knight’s neck bone. Looking at the surging heads behind him, he felt desperate: “What should we do?””Hang on a little longer!I……All we have to do is escape into the woods ahead, and they…Not necessarily dare to chase!”Zhou tianxing cut into the belly of a ranger, which was cut open by a second kick.There is a sea of wood there, if they get into it, it is really not easy to follow, as long as they lose track of it for a moment, they will not be able to distinguish the thing, there is no way to know where the other party fled to.Qin Ze spirit a shock, iron duo in hand if crazy tiger disorderly hit disorderly dozen, forced a few rangers back, followed Zhou Tianxing forward disease jump.The pursuer also found their purpose obviously, immediately rose yu Yong wrapped up, blocked three people fled to linhai road.Although Qin Ze is very brave, but he was exhausted all the way and fought several times. In his hand, he was hit by a man and kicked him down.(click below to read for free) the third: “predecessor unparalleled” author: Yue thousand sorrow introduction: root fallen leaves in the wind, soaring up to ninety thousand miles, the war gown thunder shaking green Pluto.The king is back….Exciting content: He is still very concerned about these people, there is no way, this is the Lord luo Tianhe focus on creating external tongue, Luo Tianhe attaches great importance to this matter to him to catch, really if messed up, he can not explain to Luo Tianhe.”It’s okay…”Julie mouth is ok, but in the mind something, mouth stretched stretched, look to Qin Yi.Hengtao noticed that she grasped the contract in her hand and grasped it again. He knew what she cared about and he also grasped certain information. Then he turned to Qin Yi and said: “Chairman Qin, it’s all right.Qin Yi hesitates a little, “general manager, Pan’s side, I worry…”I said I would deal with it. It is my duty to maintain the normal order of Buque City. I will not allow such things to happen again.Although say so, but if someone secretly make trouble, not necessarily tube of live, otherwise also won’t appear before the trouble of the evil.See Qin Yi also not quite assured appearance, Horizontal tao tilted his head motioned once, “Qin President, borrow a step to speak.”Qin Yi nodded and followed him out.They went out to the other end of the corridor, out of the hearing of everyone, and hengtao said, “Chairman Qin, you and I both know why Pan came and why he bothered you.There are some things that the Lord of the city has a good intention to warn you to your face, but you just don’t listen and insist on intervening in the business of the giant spirits. You want me to say what good you are.”Qinyi sighed: “General manager, I qinshi’s situation you also know, Qinshi’s biggest pillar, lingshi mining industry has faced exhaustion, insist on how long, I must develop new channels, I as qinshi president, this is my responsibility.To say the least, what is a decent line of work that no one controls?No matter which business I enter, I will touch the interests of others. I can’t be so intransigent that other business associations in Buque will lose their livelihood, can I?If we do that, chaos will spread all over buque, and the chaos will eventually feed back to the Lord, who will still be in trouble.In that case, I might as well pick a lucrative line of work.I couldn’t help it, Seneschal.”Heng Tao waved his hand. “In business, you are an expert and I am a layman. Since you are determined to do so, I won’t make any comments.Rest assured, I do not want to interfere with your business, as long as it is within the normal order permitted by the fairy law, we will not interfere with the normal order, and it is our responsibility to maintain the normal order.(Click below to read for free) Today’s swordsman article recommendation is here, like reading novels must not miss these good works, I hope you can give xiaobian little attention, support, thank you!