Chinese football really can’t afford to lose where?

2022-05-20 0 By

On the first day of the New Year in 2022, China’s national football Team suffered a 3-1 defeat to Vietnam, which gave everyone a crushing blow at the beginning of the New Year. It was instantly reviled by the Internet with revenge, which was the best material for collective abuse.”We wanted to win this game so badly that the build-up was a bit excessive and the players were very nervous.Head coach Li Xiaopeng explained.In the face of a third-rate Vietnamese team, but also excited to hold their own, it can be seen that the National football team really can not afford to lose.We have scolded Chinese football for so many years. Why is it that the more we scold, the less worthy we are? The more we scold, the more muddied we are.In 1934, the Chinese grass-stage team beat the Japanese team and dominated the Far East Games for 20 consecutive years.Money, it seems, can’t fix everything, and football is one of them.What are we missing in football?From the perspective of organization and management, the biggest differences between football and other sports are as follows: 1. Teamwork is required.This kind of cooperation is a long-term running-in, tacit understanding from the heart, not a simple technical cooperation.2, the need for effective strategic and tactical cohesion.Strategically correct, tactically well interpreted, strategy to tactics, overall to individual, this is a highly mobile organization.The quality of people’s will is very important.Psychological quality to pass, professional quality to pass, opportunistic can not go too far.Individual to serve the victory of the team.Excellent personal skills coupled with dedication, to play a good ball.5, the selection of the head coach.How can a team bring out the best in each individual?How to form team synergy?The test is the ability of the commander.Football is a game full of uncertainty.All the effort is to seize one or two opportunities that can only be achieved by the constant effort of all.A team is like a dynamic system that responds to changes all the time.This change is big. Everyone has to be aware of the whole situation on the field to turn a small opportunity into a strategic opportunity.Every player should not only take care of himself, but also serve others at any time. He should also be able to seize opportunities creatively, and this completely depends on the telepathy between the team, which is a very high requirement for everyone.It’s not the fitness, it’s not the technique, it’s not the passion, it’s the ability.With the ball at your feet, you become a commander. Do you have control?When the ball is not at your feet, you become a subordinate. Do you have the support ability?How can you play well without control or support?The 3-1 defeat to Vietnam didn’t need any technical analysis at all, even if nothing had been prepared, the result could not have been worse if the team had been thrown into the mix.Explain what?It means we have no sense of how to build this highly mobile, highly collaborative, highly creative organization, spend a lot of money, and train temporary workers.If you look at it a little bit more broadly, as long as it’s a team system, a system of random change, a competitive model that requires coordination between individuals and teams, and infiltration with the adversary, we often lose.A system like a football team requires everyone to be a manager, everyone to have a big picture view, and also have super personal ability. Think about it, can our people do that?Looks like it can’t be done, this is so similar to our sales team, our real sore loser should be here.