Distribution and recommendation of cemeteries in Beijing in 2022

2022-05-20 0 By

A lot of people in good son consulting cemetery, will ask good son where the cemetery, where the cemetery is good?Today, Shanzai will tell you about the distribution of mausoleum in Beijing and the mausoleum worthy of recommendation.First, according to feng shui, the best place for burial in Beijing is in the north, with Changping being the most suitable.Changping is, after all, the site of the imperial mausoleum and the dragon vein.Therefore, changping area also has the most mausoleum.In addition to Changping, There are many mausoleum in Yanqing, and the biggest characteristic of Yanqing Mausoleum is its high cost performance.Huairou is a famous tourist destination in Beijing, where beautiful mountains and clear waters. Although there are not many Huairou cemetery, the cemetery is of excellent quality.Let’s look at the tombs in the south of Beijing. Although there are not as many as those in the north, there are also several famous ones.As a development zone in Beijing, Daxing has a new airport and three mausoleum gardens, all of which are very famous.Fangshan is a legitimate cemetery, jing ‘an Cemetery is the first choice.In addition, Tongzhou district has more mausoleums and higher cost performance.Haidian district cemetery is also many, but generally requires a local household registration certificate.Mausoleums recommendation: The mausoleums in Changping area have excellent feng shui and are worth recommending, such as Tianshou Mausoleums, Phoenix Mountain Mausoleums, Taofeng Mausoleums, jiulishan Cemetery Area 2 and so on.Yanqing high cost performance cemetery, Fu ‘an Park, Jiulongshan Cemetery, Chinese Huisi Hall, Yongning Cemetery Huairou Jiugongshan Memorial Forest, is the best ecological burial cemetery in Beijing yongfu Cemetery daxing, is the most cost-effective cemetery in south Beijing.If you have any need, you can send a message