“Forge ahead new journey foresees new weather” Anyang has access to all directions

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Original title: Anyang harbor access to all directions (forge ahead new journey foreseeing new weather) – “feel the new kinetic energy of logistics” series of six Henan Wanzhuang Anyang logistics park container loading waiting for departure.Henan newspaper all media reporter Yang Zhitian on April 7, located in anyang City tangyin county south of Henan Wanzhuang Anyang Logistics Park no. 2 railway yard, stored a lot of containers full of lump coal.The containers, carried by special trains of “Mass transit rail” and “Sangaiji”, came from Dabaodang Station in Shenmu city, Shaanxi Province.”By the end of March, six special trains with more than 600 containers have arrived at the park. There is another train with 96 containers on the way, which will arrive at the park in two days and then be delivered to enterprise customers in Huxian county by road…”Yan Weiming, director of Anyang Logistics Park in Wanzhuang, Henan province, introduced that since the park opened container business on February 17, 2022, there have been continuous orders for rail-rail combined transportation, marking that Anyang land port-type national logistics hub has opened up a trade and logistics channel nationwide and even internationally.At present, 6 special railway lines of this hub are all opened and in operation.”The block coal train is not only convenient for loading and unloading, but also can achieve zero loss and zero falling during transportation, which has a very high environmental protection standard.”According to Yan, each 10,000 tons of freight carried by railway saves about 110 tons of standard coal and 270.6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions compared with the same amount carried by road.”The coal railway transport capacity is stable and the volume is fast, which plays an important role in ensuring the coal supply and stabilizing the coal market.”He said.”Mass converters” and “mass converters” are not only more environmentally friendly but also more economical.Take the recent order as an example, the lump coal container train sent from Shenmu, Shaanxi province to Hua County, Anyang was transferred from Waori Railway to Wanzhuang Railway Dedicated Line 2, and then transferred to the road transport directly to the enterprise.”For us, the rail and road combined transport distance in this line is the best, which minimizes the transportation cost. In addition, this site has better infrastructure, and we have long looked forward to the opening of wanzhuang container special line.”China Coal Science and Engineering (Shaanxi) energy development Co., LTD.At the end of 2021, the first batch of national logistics hub construction list of the 14th Five-year Plan was announced, and Anyang Land port national logistics hub was selected.During the “14th Five-year Plan”, anyang land port national logistics hub will focus on the construction of Anyang bonded logistics Center (TYPE B), futures elements industrial park, north Henan container center, logistics hub national material storage and other projects.”With a port, inland areas can ‘directly’ enter the international market.”Yan Weiming introduced that in January 2021, Anyang Wanzhuang railway special line line 1 and Anyang East to the sea international logistics channel officially opened.This is an important measure for Anyang to participate in the construction of “One Belt and One Road”, marking the start and operation of Anyang bonded logistics green channel and the formal opening of public, rail and sea combined transport business, breaking the shackles of anyang’s development of “no coastal, no border”.In recent years, Anyang city to promote the construction of national logistics hub bearing city as the breakthrough, constantly improve the layout of infrastructure, build a new modern industrial system, innovation of multi-modal transport, bonded logistics, the combination of time and now a variety of business models, optimize and rebuild the whole process of “port + land port + railway + port customs clearance” service,It has initially formed a logistics hub network suitable for the modern economic system.As the operation enterprise of anyang hub, Henan Wanzhuang Anyang Logistics Park has built a special railway line of 12 kilometers, which is connected with the Wati railway through Tangyin County.The logistics park is divided into east and west zones.Located in the east park is Line 1 and eastbound international logistics channel;Line 2 is located in the West Park and mainly carries out container business.After the mature operation of the whole park, the annual freight throughput can reach 60 million tons, of which the annual import and export freight throughput can reach 9 million tons.The annual container throughput can reach 150,000 TEU.It is understood that the next step of anyang city in henan Wan Zhuang anyang logistics park as the carrier, using the advantages of anyang land port type of national logistics hub, trains opened trains in central Europe, central Asia, iron sea trains, etc., together with international goods such as chemical fertilizers, food, feed, wood, logistics channel to construct high level radiation surrounding regions open to the carrier,Accelerate the transformation of Anyang from a transportation location advantage to a hub economy advantage.(Henan Daily reporter Xie Jianxiao Henan Newspaper all media reporter Yang Zhitian) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com