Lantern Festival hi!There are a lot of events waiting for you

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Lantern Festival is an annual traditional Festival in China. For thousands of years, it has condensed the collective wisdom and good wishes of the Chinese nation.2022 Xiaoshan District Lantern Festival series activities time and theme: February 10, 2022 — February 16, 2022 Theme:The snow-covered bare, Yuanxiao festival 2022 Lantern Festival series of activities Happy lantern cultural tourism plate (click to view a larger version Specific activities will be subject to actual activity) town, street plate (click to view a larger version Will be subject to actual activity) specific market promotion plate part of the business development of our super strong festival atmosphere, to create the ancient weathering, immersion, one scene,Major business areas will be launched in love with the Lantern Festival, New Year’s opening season, full discount promotion, online Lantern Festival and other activities.Materials: District Bureau of Culture and Tourism District Bureau of Commerce editor: Sun Xin Rector: Zhu Chun