Planning and construction of Leisure resort business district in Yanqing District

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According to a local net friend, Yanqing is going to build RBD, hope that the construction plan of Yanqing RBD will be implemented as soon as possible, and the government affairs planning can be made public as soon as possible, so that the people can understand the development of Yanqing as much as possible, so that more talents in Yanqing can return, so that talents from other regions can live and work in Yanqing, and it is best to build a subway.Beijing Yanqing District Urban Management Command CenterIn order to implement the Master Plan of Beijing City (2016-2035) and Yanqing Zoning Plan (Territorial Space Plan) (2017-2035), strengthen the protection and inheritance of history and culture in the district, strengthen the urban characteristics of mountains and rivers in Yanqing, highlight the urban characteristics of mountains and rivers reflecting the beauty of Yanqing, and promote the use of the city after the International Horticultural Expo,The International Horticultural Expo and its surroundings will be built into a RBD with ecological advantages and sports characteristics, which will radiate and drive the Beijing-Zhang Cultural tourism and sports leisure belt. Our district will start the comprehensive design of RBD.Currently, yanqing district, a combination of recreational business district (RBD), the park after using, zhongguancun garden industry development and Beijing yanqing eg sports tourism zone construction, preliminary delimit the RBD recreational business district planning scope, the collection form international commitments (draft), organize relevant departments to the meeting discussion, conducting media campaigns, investment promotion, experts BBS, etc.In the next step, we will further refine the work plan, arrange the international solicitation and other stages according to the schedule, ensure that the final results of the comprehensive design of our district leisure and resort business District (RBD) are completed on time, and make government affairs public in a timely manner.We have communicated with the relevant units about your proposal to build a subway.After verification of Beijing Rail Transit Line Network Planning (2020-2035) (draft for public comments), yanqing District rail transit adopts suburban and intercity railway mode, which is not within the scope of general subway line planning and construction.At present, the S2 line to my district belongs to suburban railway, beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway and Yanqing branch line belong to intercity railway.