Plum season online!Four hundred and fifty plum blossoms blossom here in Yangpu

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Plum season online!In the pocket Park located at the corner of Neijiang Road, Pingliang Road, 450 plum trees open in cold, stacked in twos and threes, a group of lively plums in the corner, open alone to greet the cold.Plum blossoms are blooming.The park’s green land is dominated by plum blossoms magnolia grandiflora, sapium and sapidopsis, supplemented by plants and flowers, as well as wild grass and pampas grass, which have a sense of layering and are evergreen in all seasons. In three seasons, the delicate sunshine of flowers is sprinkled on the branches and petals, and the plum blossoms standing quietly on the branches set off the road beside them are particularly brilliant.Only the spring to quote “white and pink flowers with yourself also poses a charming fragrance breathe calmly feel burning inhale the scent of refreshing many citizens to join in the leisure walk the smiling faces of the children, older people in the set off of the plum blossom bright and warm all the time so that bring people happiness happiness full few words say trip to enjoy flower a year starting from the” mei “beautiful timeSource: Yangpu, Shanghai