Police officers from hunan province present flowers to the graves of martyrs

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Editor’s note: The People’s Police force is a team with a glorious tradition and fine style of work. It is also the team with the most sacrifice and dedication in peace time.They weren’t born heroes, they just chose to be brave.Your pay, we remember;Your appearance, we miss!To this end, Rednet video department and Hunan Police Film and Television Culture Center of Hunan Provincial Public Security Department jointly launched the program “Hunan Police under Light and Shadow”, recording their most wonderful moments with cameras and telling stories of Hunan public security with images.Rednet moment news on April 2 (reporter Chen Jie li Danqin Lou Guo Weichan correspondent He Yong He Yan) Where there is valiant grass, on the eve of Qingming festival, hunan public security officers throughout the tomb of martyrs to offer flowers, to remember the revolutionary martyrs, to recall the comrades who fought side by side together, express grief.Chenzhou Zixing April 1, zixing city Xingning town martyrs Park, police to the martyrs tomb to offer flowers, in memory of the revolutionary martyrs.Cao Gaolin photo changsha organized to honor zhang Jieming martyr.Zhuzhou qingming Eve, the sky under a light rain, Zhuzhou Lusong public Security sub-bureau Qingyun police station police spontaneously came to lusong public security sub-bureau died in the police Tang Junrong tomb, deep memory for the sacrifice of his comrades.On the morning of April 2, zhuzhou City Public Security Bureau Hetang branch police representatives with great reverence in liufang Garden to deeply remember the heroic achievements of the martyrs, carry forward the noble spirit of the martyrs, express condolences and prayers.Photo by Li Xing Yiyang City Public Security Bureau police in the martyrs Memorial square to pay homage to revolutionary martyrs.On the morning of April 1, the public security bureau of Wougang organized police representatives to sweep the grave of Yang Minghong, a public security hero, in Jingzhu Town of Wougang city.We took off our hats and stood in silence, bowed, offered flowers, and shared memories of comrades who fought side by side.Yang Minghong’s dedication, selfless dedication, heroic spirit inspires every shaoyang public security personnel.Liu Feng hengyang Qidong Qingming Festival, Qidong County public Security Bureau young police spontaneously came to the official with martyrs tomb, offering flowers, remembering the achievements of martyrs.Xu Tianxi takes a photo of the sacrifice of heroes and the casting of police souls in Luxi, Xiangxi.At 9 am on April 1, the public security bureau of Luxi County, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, carries out the qingming Festival to commemorate revolutionary martyrs.Related report: Hunan police under the shadow of light ① I have to protect the safety of the fight against COVID-19 source: Rednet by Chen Jie, Li Dan, Qin Lou, Guo Weican editor: Li LiThis paper links: https://hn.rednet.cn/content/2022/04/02/11080504.html statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn