The city listened to the teleconference on the prevention and control of imported goods

2022-05-20 0 By

On January 22, a teleconference was held on the prevention and control of imported goods, and arrangements were made for the pre-deployment of imported goods logistics and the building of customs clearance.Liang Wantao, a member of the municipal government’s party group, listened to the meeting in shangqiu.The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the construction, use and supervision of the general warehouse of imported cold chain goods;We will close loopholes in the control of non-cold chain food imports, strengthen supervision and inspection, and standardize the handling of problematic products.It is necessary to consolidate the main responsibility of all links of imported goods into Henan, quickly carry out “three clearances, three no-nos and four one-s”, and establish a traceable epidemic prevention and control management system from port to terminal.It is necessary to strengthen on-site management and personnel management of inbound mail, express delivery and cross-border e-commerce goods, and strictly prevent the importation of COVID-19 cases from overseas through delivery channels.Efforts should be made to extend nucleic acid testing sites to logistics parks, commercial blocks and residential communities, and continuously build a tight defense line to block the transmission of materials to people.After the province-wide teleconference, the city immediately held a meeting to deploy the relevant work.Liang Wantao stressed that the county (city, district), the relevant departments should be combined with the work of the unit, pay close attention to the implementation of the conference, loopholes, fill in the weak spots, closely watch the import of goods into the channel, way, carrier, and perform good territorial and regulatory duties;Import enterprises should further strengthen the management, implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, strictly control quarantine and qualified customs, to ensure that the city’s people safe and happy holidays.